Am I evil? I may just be
Are my tears all that you can see?
But I heard demons don't cry
So why do my tears make me want to die?
Demons can't love, have sorrow, or ever feel
So I guess my feelings just aren't real
Demons can't kill themselves, so I'm told
Maybe I'll be the demon to break the mold
So spit at me and hate me because I was cast down
But I'll cry for your soul when you burn in my town
If God loves you, why does he want you to cry?
If God loves you, why does he send you to me when you die?
So show me all the hate for me that you feel
But don't think that Satan or God will give you a good deal

***Author's comment: I'm not trying to cause any controversy with
this poem! It's just another point of view. Maybe not all demons are
evil? I mean, they might just be the offspring of the original demons and
so they're born into damnation and it's not their fault. Just a thought...
but I didn't want really strict Christians reading this because I know they
would trip. Just so you know, I'm not claiming to be good with poems or
even know how to write a good one, so yeah. I just like the way this one
sounded. It doesn't have an intentional form or rhythm. I just write
poems, but I don't understand haikus and all of that, so they're probably
crappy in terms of form. If you want to criticize me, that's cool
(especially if it's CONSTRUCTIVE) but I don't really want a future in
poetry, so I don't really care if it sticks to the way a poem is supposed
to be written.***