No one wants to be around me
No one wants to see me
I don't know what to feel
Just makes me a little sad
I hate it when you avoid me
Just tell me you don't like me
Don't make up stupid excuses
Tell me to go away
Don't say we'll hang out tomorrow
Since we can't hang out today
If you don't like me, tell me
Don't make me live a lie
I'll probably cry a little
But I'm used to being alone
So don't make me the fool
Just tell me you don't think I'm cool
Quit running away and confront me to say
"I don't like you anymore, now please go away"

Dedicated to Jennifer. Even though this one is messed up and rhymes
sometimes and then stops rhyming, I liked the way it turned out. Yes, I
know I don't really know how to write a poem; I just write and don't follow
the structure of how a poem is supposed to be. And... I don't really care
because I don't plan on becoming a poet. LoL. As you know, if you read
Demons, I don't know the rules of poetry and I just do what I want. All
that matters to me is if I like the way it sounds. I could care less if
it's structured right or whatever. Yeah, my "friend" Jennifer has been
talking about me behind my back and stuff, but I wrote this for her before
I found all that out. This one is just because she was ditching me all the
time for her boyfriend and her other friends. Now I know the truth that
she was telling everyone she doesn't want to hang out with me anymore, but
she won't tell me that and lied to me when I asked her if she was really
ditching me. ACK! Sorry this is sooo long! Hope you enjoyed it!