Been crying all day
Although I hate it
I can't help but think
Maybe this is the way
It's supposed to be
Always makin' me so sad
My eyes are so red
I forget what my face
Looks like without the tears
Feelin' like dying
But I'll hold on
As long as you care enough
To make me cry this way

Again, another angsty type poem. I was crying a lot the day I wrote this.
I was feeling really weird and sad, so that's why I sound all masochistic
in the poem. Well, mostly just at the end. I'm so weird when I'm sad. I
get really masochistic, like I'm begging for more reasons to be sad. I'm a
pathetic sight, really. Luckily, I hide away when I'm sad, so no one can
act upon my masochistic state. I dedicate this to all the people who have
a lot of sad stuff going on in their lives and cry a lot.