Lyn lay motionless on the forest floor. They were coming. She pressed her ear close to the ground. Galloping horses and shouting men reached Lyn's ears and she threw on her cloak of shadows. Concealed by darkness, Lyn inched her way like a snake past the rampaging guards. All they could see- if they could see anything at this late hour- was leaves, trees and rotting logs.
"We must burn her out of this darkness," one guard said and threw his torch in the air. It landed directly on Lyn's hand. She yelped and then cursed; they had found her.
Her feet were a blur against the ground. Trees flew by like lightning. Lyn glanced back to see horses hundreds of yards away. Regardless, Lyn kept running and didn't stop until daybreak.
WHAM! Lyn looked up dizzily from the ground to see that she had run into a tall spinning figure. She could barely distinguish a long white beard before she slipped out of consciousness.