A large group of dragons huddled around Lyn. All of a sudden, a hostile dragon roared its rage.
"You are not worthy to be here!" His temper was putting tension in the air.
He slashed a claw in her direction. She jumped and stuck her sword into his claw. He roared up boats of fire and shot them at Lyn. There was no way to avoid them. Lyn prepared herself for the scorching heat.
"If she is still alive after this, then we shall know that she is the one we seek to bring us out of this dimension!" Eagerly, they awaited her revival. When the smoke cleared, a shriveled body lay motionless on the ground. There hopes fell.
Then, against all odds, Lyn twitched. Her twitch spread to a rickety motion. Slowly she arose.
"Alas! I have survived your wretched test," and with that Lyn collapsed again from exhaustion. When she finally stood up, all of their eyes were still glued to her. Ogion, the eldest of them all, bowed deeply. Seeing this, other dragons did the same.
Lyn felt an odd sensation ride up her soul; pride. It is next to never that a dragon will bow to a human, let alone over 20 of them. But sadly, Lyn did not feel at home. She wanted to go back to her quiet life with Master Pell and back to her village with her family. She did not want to stay forever in this land!
How could she get out of this place? Lyn racked her brain for thought. Of course! If the golden leaf I nibbled on helped me into this world, maybe it could help me out of it. Then another thought hit her. What about the Elders?! They need to be freed of this world as well!
I could just leave them here. After all, they did burn me half to death... No! I mustn't think like that. They have been cooped up in here for centuries! After a long mental debate, she made an announcement to the dragons.
"I believe I have a way out of here," she said.
"She has been enlightened" they murmured, and willfully listened to her words.
"Before I came to this world, I was given a golden leaf. I believe it helped me come to this world. Maybe, if I could gather more of the same leaves, we could all return to my world."
The dragons became excited. "In the sacred garden, there is a tumble of golden leaves. Only you can go in there because dragons would only smash the leaves with their claws. Maybe this will work! Finally we will be free!"
Caught up in the excitement, Lyn sung happily on the back of Ogion all through the flight to the orchard. When Lyn had gathered enough leaves for one dragon, she piled them into his mouth. She told him to go to sleep. Within minutes the dragon fell to sleep and disappeared before their very eyes.
"He has been sent back!" Lyn announced. After that all the dragons were frolicking and impatient to get home.
When she finally sent back the last and final dragon, Lyn was scared. Did she really send the dragons back to the right place? If so, how would the Elders being there affect her life? Suddenly all she wanted to do was stay here in this peaceful world.
Then she remembered all the wonderful people and mysterious things of her own world that she had yet to know and Lyn after a long pause brought the golden leaf to her mouth and fell asleep.
Her hair was plastered in wet grass with the morning dew still fresh in the air. Lyn took a deep breath in.. It was time for her to return home.