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Rose Petals On The Floor
By Astarte Lydianna

Prologue: Complicated Relationships

The sun was still high, much to the appreciation of the people in the streets of Winchester. It was Summer! In England! Two girls were walking down towards the bus station after their swimming session at the local pool.

Laura was the taller of the two, she had mousey brown hair that just reached her shoulders in a shaped style. She wore a denim mini skirt and pink top. The other was Melissa, a shorter, a pale girl with blonde hair that reached her waist and wore black trainers, a black mini skirt and black top. They were laughing about some teachers at their local secondary school, that Laura had attended and Melissa still attended.

Melissa just heard someone call out to her. "Hi Mel", on their way past. She turned around and her eyes fell on a familiar stranger. Heavy black trousers and about three layers of black tops, a tangle of pale blonde hair and pale skin. "I lost my phone!"

"Jase! Where have you been?!" she gasped running over, but resisting the urge to hug him.

"In Cambridge." He chuckled. "I lost my denim jacket, the one with all the patches and my phone and cards and stuff were in it."

"Not bothered that you lost your job then?" Melissa asked him.

"Oh I lost it in the end?" he laughed. "I'll have to get a new one." One of the three boys with him took Melissa's hand and shook it.

"Chris." He said. "That's Tommy and you know Jason, and that's Jake."

"She knows me too." Jake spoke up. Jake was the tallest. He had dark blonde hair, tanned skin, his eyebrow was pierced and he wore jeans and a t- shirt.

"And I'm Chris." He said.

"Mel." She replied. "And this is my friend Laura. Jase you know Darren's ex who he cheated on me with, this is her."

"Oh!" he said rather shocked.

"I blame him." Melissa said.

"So are you girls coming to the pub?" Chris asked.

"We're broke but sure." Melissa replied. So the two girls joined the four boys on their all underage trip to the pub.

Chris however managed to take a detour to McDonalds and then they were all stood at the bus stop. Jason and Chris got on the bus.

"If I get a job I'll see you somewhen, if not I'll come back." Jason called.

Chris leaned in and kissed Melissa on the cheek before getting on the bus. Laura still looked very bored and out of place.

After they left Melissa checked the time and decided it was time to catch the bus. Laura and Melissa sat at the bus station and waited for their bus. Melissa's stomach was doing flips.

"You like them?!" Laura exclaimed.

"Yeah. And don't go insulting Jason because about two months ago he had his tongue down my throat." Melissa replied.

"Huh?!" was the only response she got.

"Look I've known Jase for a year and been dating Darren for ten months of that. Jase and I used to hang out, we have so much in common, the whole Goth thing for a start. We hung out a lot until one day he was trying to throw me in the fountain we ended up a little close and we kissed." She said. "I don't know, after that we didn't see much of one another, he went off to Cambridge for five weeks work experience and we kept in touch texting at first but then he just stopped texting back, because he lost his phone. So we didn't speak until just now. End of story." Laura's eyes looked like there were about to fall out of their sockets.

"Well, what now?!" Laura squealed. Melissa shrugged. The bus pulled in.

"Laura ticket." Melissa prompted. Laura rummaged in their bag.

"It's not here." She said.

"I gave it to you! You have the bag!" Melissa gasped. "Check again!" Laura did but again shrugged. "Give me my phone and just go before you miss it!"

"I can't leave you here on your own." She said.

"What's up?" Jase's voice called out, as he walked up to them.

"See, I'm not on my own now go!" Melissa hissed. Laura got on the bus and the bus left.

"I lost my bus ticket and I'm broke. Laura had her bus pass." Melissa said. "I'll call my rent's and see if I can get I lift..What are you doing here?"

"I couldn't get a job so I ran back here." He shrugged. Melissa looked sceptical and put her hand on her hips.

"From Week?" she asked. He nodded. "Whatever." They walked down the road and there was Jake and Tommy. They went and sat in the park for a while. They were fighting over a large packet of chips. Though at some point they decided to wander the streets and look for a homeless person to give them to. So up the high street all four of them walked until they reached McDonalds, finding no hobo they continued up to Barcaley's and there sure enough was a man in dire need of a shave, curled up under a blanket.

Jake gave him the crisps and shook his hand before the gang walked down the street again. Once around the corner Jake ran into the nearest pub and went to wash his hands.

"So mature." Melissa commented.

"Yeah." Jase said. "Take a seat, you'll make the place look untidy."

"Make a pub look untidy? Sure." She said, but sat down anyway. She pick up her phone and rang her mum. "Hey mum, look Laura lost my bus ticket. Could you give me a lift home? Look she went home but I'm with Jase and his mates and it's not dark so don't rush but when you pass could you pick me up please?"

"Aw, is that your mummy?" Jake asked coming back.

"Yes it is." She replied.

"Mel put your knickers on!" Jake shouted.

"Oh yes mum I forgot to tell you I'll be here late stripping." she said sarcastically. Her mum chuckled and told her to be at the King Alfred's statue at eight.

In the meantime the three boys and Melissa moved down the road to their favourite pub. Mash. That was after stopping at the fountain to scavenge money it.

Jake and Tony started on their pints and Jase and Mel shots of whisky. Since they only had like two pound anyway.

After this they headed back to the fountain where for the second time Mel found herself about to be thrown into a fountain. She landed in Jase's arms and he bent down and kissed her. Déjà vu! Major déjà vu! When they broke apart Mel quietly spoke up.

"I blame the fountain." She said weakly. Jason laughed and kissed her again. They walked off to the statue.

"So when are you next in town?" he asked.

"Tuesday, I'm going swimming and then see you?" she replied.

"That's a good answer. But I may just have to meet you at the pool as well." He put in. Melissa's mother's car pulled up and Melissa waved goodbye to everyone before jumping into the car.

When she got home she lay in bed thinking. What could she do now? She had been with Darren for ten months and known him for three years. He had been there for her when her friend had died, when bullies had got her she had needed a hug or someone to talk couldn't just leave him.

But on the other hand they were heading downhill and this would be the second time she couldn't control her feelings for Jason. She had had to choose once but the way chance threw him back into her life, was this fate giving her a second chance with him? A second chance to get out of her relationship with Darren? Or just fate trying to test her? Surely it had to be more than coincidence. Well maybe not. Maybe she just needed time.

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