The Instituite
Synthia looked down on Bailey as she cowered in the corner. Bailey's eyes flickered to Synthia, and her mind flashed back to moments before, "Don't leave me Mary! Please!" she had shouted. Synthia had smiled and glanced at Mary and Sam fleeing, hand in hand. Mary clutched her wounded arm. They had been talking, as Synthia had ignored them, telling Bailey how she planned to kill her. She couldn't understand what they were saying, but they shot worried glances at her. Than, they had darted, to the door. Synthia had let them. She had known, she would die.

Synthia advanced toward her. She laughed coldly as Bailey held her Electrode up. Synthia held her knife, and tapped it gently on the Electrode. Bailey let out a scream of terror.

"Shut up, it is like your are screaming for your life!" a pause, "Oh wait, you are!" Synthia laughed and raised the knife.

"Good bye, Bailey. It is a shame you trusted Mary isn't it?" Synthia brought the knife down on Bailey's leg. She yelped in pain, Synthia raised, and bought down on the other leg. Than she merely started to make little cuts on her leg. Bailey just watched in horror. Blood dripped from Bailey onto the green carpet. Synthia grabbed a glass and brought it down on Bailey's head. Bailey blacked out.