What's the deal with dress code?
Is it some sort of conforming mode?

I really can't see the point
It's not like I smoke joints

To wear a suit and tie
Is on a hot day, to sizzle and fry

To wear a dress and blouse
I have one that was chewed on by a mouse

I can't believe we have to wear
Something like that, I look like a bear

I look like everyone else does
And sometimes still like everyone else was

Why me?
Why me?
Why a dress in which it's hard to pee?

You know what? I don't really care
I'd prefer to wear just my underwear

Although those guys with low pants
Can cause many rants

I'd still rather not wear a suit and a tie
I would be forced to sizzle and fry

A dress code restricts me
Who is who I really want to be?

I hope that everyone can see
CUT THE CRAPPY DRESS CODES, they're not for me

(Although I must say, some parts of the code
People would do well to abode

No hanging pants or low cut shirts
For all those pimps and sleazy flirts

And to wear skirts that don't make you fell
Like you appeal to every guy's sex appeal

Yeah, the code is okay
But only in those aforementioned ways

I'd still rather be able to be me
I'm the only person I want to be!

A/N: I hate dress codes, can't you tell? Our Forensics team has to have
one, well, we don't have to, but our teacher wants us to have one, to look
more "PROFESSIONAL" but I happen to look very nice in my red hanging
sleeves shirt and I hate suits. There you have it, have fun ranting about
the codes in your reviews if you want.