- Chapter One -
Mary & Peter looked up at the tall steel building. Mary read the sign that was out front: Mental Instituite. She sighed. Peter shook his head, his brown hair swinging back and forth.

They were here on a job, they had to take some paitents to another Mental Hospital. This other Hospital was in the middle of the Pacific ocean. They created an island and built the Hospital there, they had figured no one would get out, or in.

Mary glanced at the list in her shiny brand new notebook, it was very short, for they only had to take the ones that were very dangerous. Three people on the list.

Peter began walking towards the entrance. Mary grabbed her Electrode Stick, which shocked the paitent for 5-10 seconds, enough to do something about their behavior. She grabbed Peter's too. She knew he was known for forgetting things. It was metal, and had no batteries, or plugs. It was charged in a special factory, than it was a mere stick when the charge wore out. Any other metal, or water that touched it, made the stick powerless. Bands were made to protect the guards if one of the patients got a hole of it.

She grabbed Peter from behind, "Forgetting something?" Peter grabbed his Electrode Stick from Mary's hand, and together they walked through the laser door which could only be opened by the Electrode Sticks.
Musty air greeted them. There air was cold thick in the room. Peter shivered.
"You take room 189 and I'll take room 152, and 153," he said at once. Mary bit her bottom lip, "189 you say?" her voice quivered.
Peter nodded, gave her a funny look, and strode away to get the two paitents.
Mary walked down long corridors, turned left, then left again, the right. She slowed when she saw the number 180. She walked as quietly as she could to room 189. She stopped when she came to room 189. She swung her Electrode Stick around where a door should be.
"Hello! How are you? We've been waiting all morning for you to join us!" a voice said.
Us? Mary thought. She walked into the room. There was the girl who called herself Bob.
"Hullo, Bob. Who's your friend there?" Mary said cautiously.
Bob (what a foolish name) smiled. She held a red stuffed-animal lobster up. She squeezed it and it made a squeaking sound.
Mary shifted her wait, annoyed, and confused. "Can I see lobster?" Mary said and held her hand out.
"NNNNOOOO! NO TAKE LOBSTER!" Bob screamed and pulled the lobster close to her. Her eyes bulged as she shrieked furiously.
Mary grabbed the Electrode Stick. Bob only quieted for a second at the sight of the device, then began to scream again. Mary touched Bob with the Electrode Stick. Bob was silent. Mary gave a sigh of relief.
Bob jerked upright.
"Want to go for a walk to the kitchen? Or do you want to go for a walk outside?" Mary asked.
Bob held one finger up, Mary guessed she wanted a snack. Mary put hand-cuffs on Bob and then walked out the door with her.
When they got to the kitchen, Bob was calm, and quiet.
"Now you stay here, while I get you a snack," and Mary whisked away quickly to find a snack.
As soon as Mary was gone, Bob murmured quietly to her lobster, "Don't worry lobster, darling, we will get you a friend."
Mary opened the refrigerator.
"An apple," she said aloud.
She grabbed the apple that was on a shelf, then walked back to Bob. She handed the apple to Bob. Bob took the apple, but didn't eat it. Mary noticed the lobster was held tight in Bob's right hand. Yet it would not squeak. Mary thought not much of it.
About five minutes later Mary met up with Peter in the hall. Two teenagers were in cuffs behind Peter.
"We're going to be very late if we do not leave right this minute," noted Peter.
As Mary and Peter turned to walk down the hall, a intercom squawked loudly over their heads. "This is your weather report for this evening," is paused and cleared it's throat, "dark cloads are rolling in from the east, and winds up to 35 miles an hour are heading this way. We expect a thunderstorm, and possibly hail. That is all, and good day." Mary sighed to herself.
They strode quickly down the hall to the parking garage. Bob, Tyle, & Bole tagged along. Peter opened the garage and loaded the three paitents onto the POI van. Mary climbed in the passangers seat. They took the "POI" van (paitents of institute) down to the dock, and loaded Bob & Bole & Tyle onto the boat Sam frowned at the three paitents. The boat went quite a few miles into the Pacific ocean.
The boat sailed and sailed, until it came to a man-made metal boat bumped against the ridge of the isle. Bob squeezed her lobster with excitment. Sam tied the boat to the dock, and Mary jumped off the boat in a rush. She looked strangly at Sam. He was hunched over. Peter and sam finally stepped onto the dock.
"What's the matter Sam?" she asked him. He looked at her with a puzzled expresion. He realized he was hunched over, and he straightened his back.
"Low ceiling, Mary. You and Peter should be fine, though. I am sort of taller than you two." He explained.
Mary nodded.
"Come now Bob, Bole, and and Tyle," called Peter. Bole, and Tyle obeyed, but as usual, Bob squeaked the lobster and replied, "No take lobster!"
Peter gritted his teeth. Bole and Tyle were by Mary, hopping in a loose circle, surrounding her. The metal isle groaned as the ocean became a little more rough. Mary jumped up. Bole laughed gleefully, he tossed his red hair wildly around, he looked at the back of his twin sister's head with his eyes.
When she calmed her nerves she muttered, "I hate the ocean." Then sent a cruel glare towards Bole. Which made her dizzy, looking at Bole, who was turning 'round in circles.
Peter had finally gotten Bob to get off the boat and come onto the island. Bob was sucking her thumb, holding the lobster close in the other hand. She eyed Mary, then Peter. She glared at Tyle and Bole.
"No take lobster." She whispered warningly.
Mary walked over to the edge of the island and threw up. Bole turned around, his face bright red, he looked at Bob with his crooked grin, and lunged for the lobster. Bob let out a percing scream as Bole grabbed the lobster and ripped it from her hands.
Peter walked to one of the wooden benches outside the lobby, he sat down with a plop and put his head in his hands, and when he looked up at Mary's sorrowful face he said, "How old exactly are they?"
Mary whipped out her notebook. She burried her head in it, after a moment she looked up, Bole was still taunting Bob, and Tyle was trying to get the lobster to give to Bob.
"Bob is 15, and Bole and Tyle, the twins...they are 17," Mary's voice trailed off.
Peter sighed. He looked up at the sky. It was black. Black with clouds. The tiny bits of blue in the sky went unoticed. Tyle shrieked and fell into the water. Bole had pushed his, her right hand still clutched the lobster.
"Help me! Shark!" She screamed, but there was no shark in sight. Mary didn't know that. She cried out for help, and jumped onto the bench Peter was sitting on. Peter chuckled. He got up, and grabbed the innertube that was on the side of the isle. He threw it to Tyle and she began to dog-paddle towards it.
Moments later, the whole group trooped through the only real door in the entire place. Bole was in his eletric dorm, and Bob was in her's also. They were small steel rooms, almost the size of a walk-in closet. There was no door. Instead, there were thin red lines, (invisible unless sprayed) of electricity. If one were to touch it...they would be shocked, and knocked out for a few minutes. There also was a window, the same electric material guarded it. Everyone calls it the Red Electricity. The only way to open the door and window is for an electrode stick to be touching one of the sides as one stepped through. There was a bench, and a pretty high up small ledge no one noticed. Nothing could fit there, except maybe a button.
Tyle was sitting in the lodge, with hot-coco, Mary pacing around the room, shivering as she heard thunder rumble outside. Peter was trying to warm Tyle so they could get on there way.