My Own Crimson Hell

Blood, crimson red blood. I saw it in my dreams every night, in various ways, oozing from various objects and people. It haunted me. I couldn't forget about it, but I've tried, I've really tried! There were screams, screams and moans from those objects and people that were oozing.
"Hey, you awake in there?" a familiar voice asked me.
"Oh, I'm sorry Maru-san!" I said. She had snapped me out of my thought, for which I was grateful.
"Are you okay?" she asked. I smiled at her.
"I'm okay now, thanks," I said and she returned my smile with her own.
"So, where's this trip you're going on? When are you leaving?" she asked, "You won't be away forever, will you?"
"No, I won't. I'm just going away to Washington to clear up some issues with my grandfather's will, and to go to his funeral. I leave tonight, but don't worry, I should be back soon. I wouldn't miss it for the world," I said sarcastically.
"Bring me back a key-chain, okay?" she asked.
"Sure, Maru-san. I know how much you love'em," I said and she giggled and hugged me.
"You're the best!" she exclaimed. I smiled again; sometimes she acted like such a child.

The plane ride over was uneventful. I was glad for that. I didn't exactly want to have my nightmares to haunt me, not during a funeral. I arrived very earlier in the morning and was greeted by my cousin. I had 3 cousins, and I was very close to all of them, but they were either my age or older. I was basically the youngest.
"Hello Hon!" a familiar voice cried out, waving over the crowd, "Did you have a nice flight?"
"Yep, it was fine," I replied, "Serenity, is everyone else here?"
"Nope, it's just me. I'm driving too. Let's see, the funeral and burial are today, with the after-party, and then we spend the weekend in Gramp's old house, Monday's reading of the will, so then I guess you can pick up that keychain for Maru-san. I didn't forget cousin that she likes key chains. After that, you'd be free to go home at any time. C'mon, let's go get your bags," she said and I followed her to baggage claim. Dreams of blood and pain ignore me for this time.

The funeral was as uneventful as the plane ride, as was the after party. My cousins and I were sleeping over during the weekend in our grandfather's house. It was a really big house, almost a mansion. Serenity and I were sharing a bed, because there were only two major bedrooms in the house, and this weekend we thought it best to stick in pairs; the house creeped us out sometimes.
"Ah, sleep, good for the body and soul," Serenity murmured, crawling under the covers.
"I wish I was as sure as you," I said, sitting on the bed.
"Don't worry about it, nothing's gonna happen," she said. I lay down on top of the covers. I began to catch a whiff of something; it was coming from the kitchen, as least that's what I thought!
"Hey, are the others making some sort of snack?" I asked, "It smells like meat frying."
"They went to bed before us hon," Serenity said, sniffing the air and catching the scent.
"Wait, it also smells like blood!" I cried and scooted closer to Serenity.
"We checked this house all over for someone lurking," Serenity said with uncertainty in her voice, "C'mon, we gotta go check it out." I didn't agree with that. Checking something creepy out didn't seem like fun. Nevertheless, she grabbed my hand and dragged me along. I followed her down to the kitchen and we pressed our ears to the door. There was laughing inside, along with the quiet playing of Beethoven in the background. Serenity creaked open the door; I noticed faint candle light in the crack. I whimpered slightly from the horrible smell, and I heard footsteps coming to the door.
The door swung open, a figure was standing in front of us. It looked human, but pale, with decaying scars and hair that was falling apart!
"AHHH!" we screamed and backed away in horror. What was happening? It's like my nightmares coming to life!
"Good evening, have you come to join out humble little feast?" it asked. We shook out heads and tried to back away, but whatever it was, it looked like a zombie male, or something, grabbed our hands with his decaying ones and dragged us towards the table.
"Oh dear lord!" Serenity gasped. I heard a moaning and looked to where Serenity was looking. I almost threw up. It was one of our cousins! He had chunks missing from him and he was bleeding, oozing blood from his eyes, or more so, where his eyes used to be. Okay, now I turned away and threw up. He was still alive and they were cutting off chunks and cooking him!
"Is there something wrong?" the zombie, the one who had dragged us here in the first place, asked us. Serenity stood gaping at the site. What the heck was going on? I picked myself up, wiping my mouth. Where was our other cousin? I tore away from the decaying man holding us, only to pull of the entire arm with me!
"AHHH!" I screamed and tried to tear it off. It wouldn't come off! I ran to the stove, ignoring the stench and heated up the hand, managing to peel it off of me!
"Help me." Serenity gasped. I looked over at her, she had begun to decay! This had to be a nightmare! This had to be!
"Serenity?" I asked, "What's going on?"
"Help me." she whispered, beginning to limp over to me, decaying clothes and skin and a putrid smell.
"I. my nightmares. this is only a nightmare!" I cried and ran out of the room. I dashed up the stairs, where is my other cousin? I ran towards his bedroom and creaked open the door.
"Jonathan?" I asked, "Are you still in there?" There was no reply. I opened the door and turned on the light. "NO!" Jonathan was strung up on the back wall, held up by his intestines, which were also hanging on the ceiling as well. Blood dripped from the intestines and from Jonathan! I threw up again. This was the worst nightmare of all my nightmares!
"Help me." a voice said. I looked up from the floor, Jonathan was talking!
"Oh dear god! It's only a nightmare; it's only a nightmare."
"Help me cousin!" he cried, but I slowly backed up into the door frame. The intestines started moving, blood decorating the floor in a spiral pattern. Blood, I was covered in it! I ran to the bathroom sobbing heavily and ran water, trying to clean the blood off of me. I could hear the moans and cries of my cousins. The blood wouldn't wash off! I turned on the shower and stepped in with my clothes on.
"Damn you, why won't it go away?" I asked, "Wash off DAMN IT!" I rubbed my hands but it didn't go away. Instead, more was dripping onto me. The walls were oozing the crimson red liquid I feared. The shower poured blood instead of water! I turned it off and put my head on my knees.
"It's only a nightmare, this can't be happening." I murmured, and then let out a moan.
"It stinks in here! Dear god, it reeks in here! Help me. someone!" I heard footsteps, slow, heavy footsteps.
"Help me, help me, help me." The footsteps grew louder and louder and louder! The bathroom door creaked open.
"Help me, help me." I cried, "It's only a nightmare, I'll wake up. help me, help me." My cousins, all gone!
"Help me. someone help me, please. wake me up, it's just a nightmare!" I sobbed, "The blood, it smells! Help me, help me! Help me. someone."