Forever Alive

Your touch is like poison…

A wicked sting but I struggle for more.

Eyes glued on the expressions of your face,

And the shadows the light makes upon your skin.


Enlighten me with your power of seduction…

And kiss my lips once more.

Hold unto me as if I am dying.

For in your touch, I am…


Thrust of your hip and I sigh of relief…

Make me feel as if I am wanted and alive.

Disregard the bruises of my flesh, (my many stories),

And keep me pleasured.


Use me. And then, like no more of a man,

But more of a coward, push me away.

Needed me, loved me, caressed me

But still you leave me stranded.


Crawl into a corner of self- loathing.

My life in darkness; I awake.

Still waiting for you to come back,

After all that suffering…

But, somehow, you make me alive.