Format: This is the last, most personal poem I turned in. Also, it's based on a song of the same name as the poem, called "Our Kate," by Katheryn Tickell. I highly recommend you hear the song, by the way, you'll understand the feeling of the poem a lot more if you do.

What we were actually supposed to do with this one was write a comparison poem. 'Focus on a scene or image, and describe it (1-2 lines). Then think about what the image reminds you of and describe it, too (2-3 lines). Show the basis of the comparison. Then write your feelings on this comparison (1-2 lines).' I could have crabbed my way through this one, too, but I've been wanting to address the need to write a poem about Kate for a while now, and it never worked out except with this format.

Poem 10: "Our Kate"

The song speaks volumes -

Taste of cider, smell of leaves, crimson and gold of flamboyant fall.

"Our Kate," the sweet strains

Like my old friend, the colors

Like the red and brown splendor of her long hair.


A sweet


Please to

Come back

Home -

One, to a home I never had,

A haven 'midst autumn trees.

One to a home I've had and lost,

'Midst a splendor of a diff'rent sort

Still every bit as fleeting.