/this chapter will be in the future/

(Year 2004)

"MARY...YOU PERVERT!" a voice rang out over the back fields of Glenwood school of

south Windsor. "God dammit it Kat will you stop fucking shouting!" Jess cursed her hands over

her ears, "well sorry but Mary here was making sick comment again" Kat huffed crossing her

arms; as a laughing Mary danced in the back ground. "It's been like a year already you should be

used to it" Keith said as he laid on the ground, "yeah and anyways it wasn't that bad of a joke"

Julia stated as she continue to throw sticks like knives at sam and Jess who were dodging them.

"Maybe but it was still sick" Kat agreed as she sat down on the grass and opened her book,


ME SICK JUST WATCHING YOU!" Jess yelled holding her head to prove her point.

"Aww...but it's fun" Mary whined, "I for one don't care if it's fun just stop already" Jess ordered

walking over to Mary and wacking her upside the head. "Owww" Mary pouted as jess smirks,

the school bell then rang over the play ground.

"Damn we have math next" Julia muttered, but sam who was beside her walking heard it, "math

isn't that bad" she said. "Oh yes it is" both Julia and Jess mumbled as the walked into the

courtyard; not one of them knew they were being watched.

(Mr. Tozer's 8 grade- math class)

"Blah, blah, blah, blah..." was all the guys heard, they were just in the middle of class and Mr.

Tozer had just started his usual boring speech about math. And during this time Jess and Julia

took out there note books and started to write, kat Just kept looking at the clock waiting for it to

be lunch since that was one of the only times she could just chips off of Julia and Jess. Finally the

bell rang and lunch began, "agghh...I can't stand math anymore" Julia and Jess all but shouted as

the sat down in the gym in there usual spot, and in the same order. With Mary next to Kat, Kat

next to sam, Sam next to Jess but with a little room where Keith could sit when he came, Jess

beside Julia who had mary on her other side. "Hey did ya guy's here about the New students

we're supposed to be getting tomorrow" Keith said as he sat down with them, "no, but how in the

world do you know" Kat asked not taking her eyes off Jess and Julia bag of chips. "I heard Mrs. I

talking to Mr. Tozer about it" he said starting to eat. "But isn't it weird that we're getting new

students when our Graduation is only two months and a half from now" Sam asked looking

around the group and seeing them all nodded, "yes it is weird, but lets not worry about it, we

need more students after what happened to the others" Mary said. It was only three moths ago

that the students of the 8 grade started to disappear. Shrugging it off the group went back to


(Recess; back field)

"But why can't I spin Jess?" Mary whined in Jess's ear, "cause I said so". "but why?." I already

so because I said so Mary".

"But whyyyyyyyyyyy?" Mary continued to whine.


YOUR WHINING!" Jess shouted at the top of her lungs, "your no fun" Mary pouted

sitting down on the grass before saying; "I'm staying right here you can't make me move". "Ok"

Sam shrugged as he and the others continued to walk away,

"Guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyssssssssssssssssss!" Mary whined, Jumping to her feet when they

just kept on walking. "So what do you guys think about having our class get new students?" Kat

asked as they all sat down, "well it is weird for them to come now, but like Mary said it will fill

up all the empty seats in class" Julia said. "well we will see them tomorrow..." Jess started when

something came flying by her head, "what the hell Jevon watch where ya throwing that thing"

Keith said as their friend Jevon Joined them and missing the death glare that he got from Jess for

almost hitting her. "So what were you guys talking about?" he asked, "just about what Keith

heard Mrs. I telling Mr. Tozer about us getting new students" Sam said. "Ahh.. Well there's

Michel I'll be going now" Jevon said leaving and Keith got up and followed him.

"*Sigh*...I wonder what the new people will be like" Jess thought to herself as she laid back on

the grass and looked up at the sky.

Unknown to her a pair of golden eyes were watching her from the tree branches, "Finally I found



New Moon dragon- sorry about all the swearing but this is how me and my friends lives are.