Chapter 47

"OK WE'RE LOST! COMPLETELY LOST! ADMIT NATIRE WE'RE FARTHER AWAY FROM KUAREN'S CASTLE THEN WE WERE!" Kage shouted storming over to Natire and punched him in the jaw, "Hey hey Aulra calm down your boyfriend before he send's Natire into a coma" Chaia stated as she helped Natire to his feet and held him back so he didn't lunged at Kage. "Natire deserved it he got us all lost" Aulra argued also holding back Kage who had murder written in his eyes, suddenly laughter was heard above them; "boy aren't all of you amusing to watch!".

"SILAS!?" Ryu sneered when he spotted the boy who had kidnaped his Chaia, "hello again and there's no reason to be rude or anything I'm not here to harm or kidnap anyone if that's what you're all thinking?" Silas grinned floating down in front of them; "Then why are you here?" Shall demanded narrowing her eyes at him. "I'm here to help you get to Kuaren's castle" Silas replied, "well sorry but we don't need your help thank you" all the guys turned around only to be stopped by the girls who grabbed them by the shirt, hair and ears; "Thank's Silas we can use all the help we can get" Soul smiled and bowed grinning Silas bowed in return.

"Good um this way I'll show you a short cut" Silas said walking towards a cave with the majtics following right behind the men grumbling the whole way. "So Silas what made you come and help us in the first place?" Gally asked as they walked in a tight group not to get lost in the darkness of the cave, "I decided to help ya because well because of Chaia" Silas half lied not wanting to tell what his real reason was. "CHAIA!? U BASTARD U KEEP YOUR FREAKING HANDS OFF MY GIRL!" Ryu shouted wrapping his arms around Chaia's waist and glaring at Silas promising death if he tried anything. But Silas chose to ignore his glaring and winked at Chaia causing her to blush, making Ryu and now Natire angry as all seven layers of hell, grinning Silas continued to lead them through the cave.

(Back at Kuaren's castle)

"WHERE THE HELL IS THAT BOY!?" Kuaren demanded punching Pyrgus in the face causing him to stumble back, "I don't know master I swear of it, I no not where he is" Pyrgus kneeled to Kuaren not bothering to touch his now swollen cheek. "HE WAS LAST SEEN LEAVING WITH YOU! HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHERE HE IS!? HE'S YOUR BROTHER!" Kuaren punched him again wanting to make sure he was punished. "I swear on it, he may be my brother but he always asking for trouble so he may be just bugging the other demons sir" Pyrgus winced as another punch can in contact with his face. But I swear if I find him he'll be dead for letting me in such torture he thought to himself promising death to his younger brother.

Blood Res Moon-sorry it took me so long to get this chapter up I was jut couldn't think of what I was going to write next!