Chapter 48

Silas kept glancing at Chaia over his shoulder from time to time, hating how Ryu always kept his arm around her waist and glaring at him every time he was caught starring. 'I'll have to figure out a way to get them apart from one another' he thought to himself looking ahead of him again, it had been hours since he told them that he lead them towards Kuaren's castle. "How much farther Silas?!" Kage demanded he was giving Aulra a piggy back ride after she nearly fell in the darkness of the cave, "Not much longer" Silas answered not bothering to look at him. He knew that every one of them was glaring at him from time to time to make sure he wasn't going to do anything funny like steal Chaia again.

"It better be, and you better not be leading us into some trap you bastard!" Natire sneered at him, his arms crossed as he walked on the other said of Chaia. "I'm not leading you into a trap so stop thinking that all of you!" Silas growled under his breath, that was the millionth time he was asked that question and he was getting sick of it.

Suddenly a voice from in front of them stops them in their tracks, "SO THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING SILAS!?"

Sighing Silas looked in front of him, "Pyrgus, nice to see you brother I . . . " he was cut off when Pyrgus backhanded him across the face twice; "MIND EXPLAINING WHY YOU ARE WITH THEM SILAS! MIND EXPLAINING WHY YOU LEFT ME TO BE PUNISHED FOR YOU! PUNISHED FOR LETTING YOU TAKE OFF! DO YOU ENJOY HAVING FAMILY MEMBERS HURT!?" Pyrgus yelled at Silas who held his cheek in surprise. Not once in his life did Pyrgus hit him, maybe Malvae, but never Pyrgus. "Brother I can explain, I thought I would lead them to Kuaren so this battle would be done faster and we would be free from him" Silas explained looking his elder brother in the eyes, slightly calming down Pyrgus raised his hand. Thinking that Pyrgus was going to hit him again Silas closed his eyes waiting for another blow to the head but nothing came and he felt Pyrgus hand on his arm. "Next time tell me Silas, I was punished by that asshole because he demanded to know where you were" Pyrgus explained taking off his helmet to show the bruises that Kuaren had caused. Somewhere still forming.

"I am sorry brother" Silas bowed his head.

"Hn" was all Pyrgus said as he looked over Silas's shoulder at the Majtics' who were all just starring at them like they had nothing better to do, that's when his eyes landed on Soul who was standing next to Talo who of course was glaring at him like the last time they met. Not really caring he pushed Silas out of the way and walked over to Soul as if in a trance when he was standing in front of her he took her hand in his and kissed her palm. "It's a pleasure to see you again Soul" He whispered bowed low to her. Soul by now was as red as a tomato, Talo who noticed this grabbed Souls hand and pulled her away from Pyrgus who just looked at him as if he had just stolen his wife.

"Keep your bloody hands off my sister" Talo warned him, eyes narrowed into slits as he stared at Pyrgus who just stared right back at him as if he had never heard the warning in the first place. Soul looked between the two before sighing and walking over to the girl to join them in their own conversation. "Boy looks like someone wants you girl" Gally laughed only to get a whacked upside the head, "Shut up, I don't care all I want is for those guy not to start killing each other" Soul whispered half to herself as she looked at Pyrgus from the corner of her eyes she didn't notice Chaia come up beside her. "Ohh someone's in love" she cooed laughing, "I am not" Soul's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. "Yes you are."

"Fine I am so what?"

"So what? Girl Talo might be more calm then Natire is at times, but when it comes to you dating he's just like my cousin wanting to tear apart the guy you're with" Chaia stated as the other girls nodded. "HEY WOMEN WE'RE HEADING OUT AGAIN" Kage called as the girl rushed to catch up with them.