Fear coursing through my body,
Heart beating fast.
Is this what you wanted?
For me to be afraid?
Cause congrats,
Its what you got.
I always wanted a dad,
Who loved me and hugged me,
Who held me on his shoulders.
I had that,
But I don't anymore.
Instead you yell,
You scream about small things,
That don't matter.
I wanted for so long to make it better,
To stop the yelling.
But now I find myself yelling too.
Yelling at you!
You make me scared,
You make me mad,
You make me sad,
You make me cry.
You bring tears to my eyes,
When your voice gets so loud.
When I remember good times,
We once had.
Those times are gone now,
Clouded over by the bad.
And all I really want,
Is my old dad back.