I don't remember how it all began. Perhaps it was when I had shut my chemistry book and my brain had been a complete blank. Perhaps it was my mind playing tricks on me, as a form of revenge from making it absorb all sorts of equilibrium law. Whatever the case may be, it had been the worst experience of my life.

The most terrifying at that too.

I remember walking down the hallway, yawning, my book under my arm. I was already in my PJ's , and therefore was ready to collapse on my bed.

That was when it all began.

In the middle of my hallway, my three month old kitten, Snowy was jumping around as a ball flew in the air. From my point of view, I had thought that somehow my beloved kitten had learned to have telekinetic powers. Slapping myself mentally, I walked up to Snowy (ironically enough she was a black cat).

I felt the hair on my arms stand erect.

You see, I had played the Ouija board a year ago. My friends, Belle and Jordan, had been my partners in this crime against supernatural. Somewhere in the world and laws of nature, there is a clear rule that our instincts follow: Never trust what you can't see. Stupidly enough, I had ignored my screaming conscience and had played. Now, the price, I can sense supernatural beings. Belle, who now was engrossed in the world of makeup and fashion, had the ability to see their forms, while my other friend, Jordan, the utter feminist, had the ability to hear them.

So, as I passing by the cat, my instincts told me to run. There was something not normal here. Something menacing. Something watching me from the depths of darkness. Again, my stupidity took control of me, and I turned to the supernatural being, which I could not hear, smell, taste or see. Who I could only feel.

"Well, you must be my kitty's new friend. Good, good. Well, I'm really sleepy, so good night."

My kitten paused to stare at me, her play ruined. Immediately, she started hissing at the being standing close to me. I took no notice of it however.

I was exhausted.

I knew the being was following me to my room, intentions whether evil or not, I did not know. I grabbed my warm blanket and purred as I felt sleep coming close.

However, that did not happen.

Suddenly I could not breathe.

I felt my eyes roll backward, my body strangely stiff, unable to move. I knew staying calm was the best thing to do, and to not panic. But I couldn't stop the fear taking over me. I started praying.

But the words would not leave my mouth. I forgot all the prayers I had been taught since I was a baby.

I began to whimper, and was able to control my breathing only then. I felt my muscles relax, and the second I was free, I screamed, "MOM!"

My screams were unanswered.

My kitten however hopped on me, hissing at the being. Her ears were pointed back, and from what I could see, her teeth were exposed.

Then the control over my body was gone. The being was still there, and I began to cry like a baby. I felt utterly powerless.

I remember from a long ago, perhaps it had been the ninth grade, when I had been sexually harassed. That was how powerless I felt.

No, I thought, No, I will not be weak.

And with that thought, I glared at the position where the being was. I stood up in the most frightening stance I could, but even I knew that I didn't stand a chance. It stepped close to me.

I was prepared for a battle.

None came.

Instead, I felt a breeze against my sweaty neck, almost like a caress. My hair, which had been tied in a ponytail, suddenly came loose and the dark tendril swayed with the breeze. I kept still.

As suddenly as it had attacked, it left. I stayed where I was. Ready for battle, hoping that it wouldn't come back.

They always did, however.

I didn't sleep well that night.

I could have sworn, after that moment, I felt watched.

AN: Tha's it. It's a short story. Unless ppl want me to continue, please tell me, otherwise, it ends here. Later days.