The night was bleak, the moon and the stars were brilliantly hidden by the heavy foliage of clouds rain clouds; the night was in its entirety, perfect. A light rain fell silently, completely to the morbid mood of the night.

But, the darkness hid the city's unspeakable dangers. Because in the darkness there lurked a creature so terrifying that it was only believed to be real in the pit of one's stomach when they are left alone at night. The kind of creature that people with their sanity still intact only think is lurking just in the next room when they hear the creak of a floorboard, or the opening of a door on the other side of their dwelling, even though they know that there can be no one there.

The creature lurking here, in this city, where it is as if time itself holds no real power; is the ever living, the never aging, the all powerful…the vampire. But in al actuality, there is a veritable coven of vampires, tucked away in the alleys of New York. A coven that is only growing in size, as more and more vagabonds find the city too enthralling to resist.

It is demanded, upon their entering the city; that the wanderers must either join the coven and obey its rules, or the coven will order that they be destroyed.

The coven, and all of its ceremonies and beliefs, it organized by one vampire who is, in all entirety, truly insane. The followers were, in whole, a radical group of satanic vampires who did not partake to the rules the governed their damnable existence, there were those who wanted nothing more than to be free of the coven and all of its rules, but once you are in, there really is no way to get out.