In my worst mood, you tell me you hate humanity
And to my own surprise, I must disagree
Although my back has been stabbed
And my loyalty has been cast aside
I see the world as good in my own eyes
Though seemingly, I shouldn't argue
I can't help but get mad at you
Sure, the world has its problems
And we don't do much to help
But I just couldn't stand to see you yell
If you hate humanity, then you must hate yourself
Because you're no better than the people you hate
You're a human too, hon, even if you disagree
And when I see the worst in humanity, it's you that I see
We don't need more haters and people who complain
We need more lovers and people to help our terrain
You called me naïve, when that naïve one is you
You called me a conformist because I wasn't blue
But, since everyone says they hate humanity now
Look in the mirror, hon, 'cause that conformist is you

I was in SUCH a horrible mood last night! I was angry and cussing and
crying and sad! But when this guy told me that he hates humanity and that
there's nothing good about it, I went OFF on him. It's scary how I could
stick up for humanity with all the shit that's been happening to me lately
and in my whole life. But it made me mad that he talked crap about people
when he's no better. He called me a conformist for sticking up for
humanity! Whatever, EVERYONE that I talk to hates humanity, so I think I'm
one of the FEW nonconformists to stick up for it like I did! If you hate
humanity, then you hate yourself because you ARE human and you have the
same flaws and good points as everyone else. Sorry, but I think this is
the only time I've been so outspoken and stuck up for something so
passionately. Hope you all agree with the poem, and even if you don't, I
hope you at least like it! By the way, what pissed me off most about him
is that he's a spoiled rich kid who really has no reason to hate humanity.
He has a great family and was never abused mentally or physically, so I
just hated the way he was whining.