It is sensational. The way rain feels when it is warm. The way it pours from the skies like an endless, surrounding stream into a narrow bank. It prickles the skin and creates a tingling stir into the heart that makes me feel frivolous and exultant. Yet as I stand in silent bliss, others will bicker and neglect the attendance of the rain. They hide warily beneath their blacktops and shelter, and they look at me as though I am insane.

I am not insane. I am outside the boarders of sane.

A cool and wistful wind speaks to me in the hours of midday. It catches the drips of transparent water and sweeps it from its path. It causes those around me to scatter as ants surround a giant's toe. They cower away in fear of it, clutching to their shelters and warm garments. Such childish demeanors they wear behind their warmth.

I beheld a revelation. I am enlightened. I am not wise.

What is there to fear for it is that feared element that gives our homeland beauty? How can one not look through the transparency of the dripping rains and not find the tranquility that lies within, sinking deeper and deeper and copulating with the earth? It is an awe that one must wonder, not cower away from. Do not bicker, enjoy the serenity while it lasts, before the golden light peers through the clouds like you always wish it to. Do not wait for the mists to dissipate, for it may be too late to realize one of the true splendors of life.

Like every judicious individual, even the sun needs leisure time in solitude.
And like the attention a child craves, the rain needs to make itself known.

Enjoy the coolness of the weather. Breathe and, for once, do something that you have not done before: abandon your dry sanctuary and compose your soul into a dance with the heaven's blessing. Arise from your refuge in grace, devoid of limitations. Feel the rain and how it delights the quintessence of the human mind. Look up to the sky and watch the diamonds crystallize and take form.

Dropping. Sinking. Falling.

Whatever you do, do not blink. Gaze as though you were attentive in a deep trance awake.

Do not overestimate the security of shelters.
Do not underestimate the beauty of rain.