The shutters were closed. The doors were closed. The lights were off. The television was off. The computer was dead. The telephone was unplugged. Lynn grinned. Her eyes were shut and she became hysterical. Her laughter echoed in the empty halls. The sound of her own voice rang out at her threateningly. For a split second, Lynn opened her eyes. She saw nothing and for a moment, she felt hope. It flickered as if it were a candle in the wind. The flame died. Reality came crashing down. Lynn could see the blankets around her. She could see the table by her bedside and she could see the mirror on her drawers. Tears filled her eyes. Everything had been so perfect. Why did things have to change? Quickly, Lynn closed her eyes and squeezed them shut as tightly as she could. She kept them like that for hours or so it seemed. Finally, when she thought it was safe, Lynn opened her eyes again. This time, she saw everything right away. She cried out in frustration. Why did it keep coming back? Why was she still here? Lynn made a choice. She kept her eyes open. She did not blink, though her eyelids begged her to. She kept them wide apart, while water slowly spilled onto her cheeks. Suddenly, Lynn burst into another fit of laughter. Her hands flew to her mouth and she chewed off the few nails she had left. She bit into her own flesh and the blood flowed, bittersweet in her mouth. A pain hit her hard on the chest. It seized her upper body and Lynn screamed. She tried to reach for the phone, but the lights were all off. She tried to feel her way to the computer, but the doors were all closed. Lynn tried to flash for help through the window, but the shutters were closed. There was no hope. The pain had moved to her legs now. Lynn fell back upon her bed. She felt something under her back, but she could not muster the strength to move it. There was click and the television switched on. A children's moral show aired and Lynn coughed. Never pout about. Always send smiles for miles. Lynn shut her eyes, but this time not by choice. Be strong. Her breathing slowed. Admit that you're wrong. Everything was over. Don't be afraid of being alone. Lynn took in her last breath. Always give the dog its bone. She shuddered and left the world. She awoke on the other side and when she opened her eyes, she saw nothing. Lynn smiled. Everything was perfect.