HELVIORK'S AND WIEMVRE'S WEDDING was beautiful, to say the least. It was also different from any other wedding Paige had ever seen before. It started out normally enough, except that it began at dawn. Halfway through the ceremony, everyone rose to their feet and began dancing. Luckily for Paige, there were several bad dancers there, so she didn't stand out too much when she didn't know what was going on. Later, someone explained that the dance was ceremonial, and was performed at every wedding in that world.

As for Wiemvre's house, Paige quickly thought of it as a second home, just as Wiemvre had predicted. Sometimes, she missed her home back in her own world, with its running water and cupboards and refrigerators full of food, but Paige quickly became accustomed to her new house, and after a few days, she could even find her way to any room there without being lost, which was quite a feat, considering the unusual layout of the house.

After a few weeks had passed, Paige was informed that the gateway would close on a certain day at a certain time. When that day came, she climbed onto the roof of her house to watch and see if anything strange would happen. While she watched, she saw nothing, but she heard a faint rumble in the air, almost like thunder, and the ground shook slightly, but only enough that Paige could tell herself it had only been her imagination if she hadn't known what had happened.

"It's sort of ironic, when you think about it," said a familiar voice. Paige turned around to see Ytlimqe climbing onto her roof. She thought about demanding to know why she had come into her house uninvited, but thought better of it, not wanting to start a fight. Ytlimqe sat beside Paige and said, "We just changed our entire world, and another one as well, and all we have to show for it is a tiny bit of noise and a little bit of shaking, both of which could be quickly dismissed."

Paige crossed her legs and said, "Well, maybe it's better that there were no flashy lights or anything. Maybe our enemies won't realize what's happened right away, and by the time they do, it will be too late for them to figure out who did it." Paige didn't even remotely believe that this was possible, but it was nice to think about.

Ytlimqe actually laughed a little, then said, "It's a little bit cold up here. Do you want to come downstairs or something and talk?"

"I think I'll stay here and relax," Paige replied. "After all, soon, I won't have a chance to relax, because I'll need to spend all my time running." She was referring to the fact that most of the members of their movement were probably going to need to leave the city and go into hiding once it was determined that it was too dangerous to stay.

Ytlimqe sighed, then said, "You know, you did a very wise thing when you chose to stay here." Paige turned and looked at her oddly. She was so used to hearing Ytlimqe criticize and berate her, it sounded unnatural for Ytlimqe to give her a compliment, especially a compliment that included the word "wise."

"Well, time will tell how wise my decision really was," Paige said. She thought about Helviork. She wasn't angry with him or Wiemvre for marrying each other- on the contrary, she felt embarrassed about her silly crush. At least she'd never actually told him how she felt.

"No, time will tell if it was the right decision," Ytlimqe argued. "Once we all see the consequences of your actions, we'll know whether you should have done something else, but whether your choice was right or not, it was very wise. You thought through it carefully, and instead of running back to everything that is familiar to you, you considered your options and stayed here. From what I hear, you also had good reasons for staying here."

Paige thought of Helviork again, blushed, and said nothing. Ytlimqe continued. "Now, as for whether or not your choice was right, well, even if it wasn't right, it's also not wrong." Wondering if Ytlimqe was making fun of her, Paige gave her an odd look, and Ytlimqe explained, "Sometimes, in difficult situations, there is no right answer. I think you were as right as you could be in this situation, though, and for that, I respect you."

Paige smiled and looked back in the direction of the gateway. She'd never tried for Ytlimqe's respect, but now that she had it, Paige felt much better about her decision. As she thought on what Ytlimqe had said, Paige decided that she really had made a wise choice, and whatever she had to face in the future, she could handle it.

The End.