My very first original fiction, I hope to go back and make better someday though. you know.. wanna tweak it n all. I'm not even sure if I want to call it Nova Visions. ohhhhh well. please review!~ ;D

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Chapter 1

The gentle wind blew across the grass of the large mass of land in the sky. On the floating island, between the pillars of stone by an old castle covered in vines, a battle was raging between two men.


Catching his breath, Hikaru's breathing rasped as he inhaled and exhaled. He'd have to fight harder if he wanted to come out of this battle alive. He was already wounded badly, unlike his opponent who only had a few cuts and bruises. Reaching toward his right ear, he removed his sun shaped earring. With his arms outstretched together in front of him, and his earring between his hands, he spoke.

"Expand!" Hikaru said as he spread his hands apart - his sun-shaped piece of jewelry floating between them. Then, with red crackling thunder surrounding his little accessory, his earring began to enlarge. After the mysterious thunder cleared away, Hikaru's Taiyouken shone brightly in the daylight. Every detail and every intricate design that was beautifully engraved on the metal stood out and sparkled in the sun. Not to mention, the way the rays of the sun ricocheted off the golden weapon making it look even more breathtaking. It was indeed a masterpiece.

"Hmph," smirked Hikaru's cloaked foe.

"Katsuro! You have to stop! You must fight it! Don't let her control you!" Hikaru said with a determined voice. He brought his weapon to his side, and bringing it back in front of him, he flung it at his opponent like a Frisbee. The sharp blades on the outer edge spun round and round - cutting swiftly through the wind.

"I told you before," Katsuro spoke softly while grinning under his hood- his canine teeth showing. He raised his arm out in front of him with his palm open. "Don't INTERFERE!" The ground pulsated and the wind blew as force field formed around him. Hikaru's Taiyouken ricocheted off the force field and quickly headed in Hikaru's direction.

"What?!" Hikaru said. It was heading straight for him. Hikaru outstretched his arms as far as he could and caught it between his hands, but it was still twirling around and around. The force of the spinning weapon caused Hikaru to be pushed back. "Urrrgghh! Stop already!" Eventually his swirling Taiyouken ceased moving, however, Hikaru was hurt in the process. Across his chest, there was a cut the length of his hand from his sharp weapon. "Ugh," he groaned as he placed his hand over his bleeding wound.

Katsuro then moved swiftly to Hikaru's side and elbowed him in the back of the head, then kneed him in the stomach. Hikaru had let his guard down for only a moment and suffered the consequence. Dropping his weapon and falling to his knees, he hugged his stomach in pain. Hikaru's eyes stung with tears as he sat there on the dry ground of the island. The wind blew causing a dust cloud to form across the battleground.

"I thought you were better than this," said Katsuro as he purposely stepped on Hikaru's weapon - damaging the fine craftsmanship. Hikaru groaned as scrambled back onto his feet, agony in his eyes, and with his broken Taiyouken in his hand. But before he could strike, Katsuro punched him in the face, making Hikaru pass out and his weapon decreased to it's accessory form in his hand.

"You're not bad, though, Hikaru," Katsuro said. He raised a hand in front of him, which began to radiate with a blue glow, and Hikaru, who was also surrounded by blue, started to float in the air. Katsuro began direct Hikaru's body over the edge of the island, and when he lowered his hand, the blue haze around Hikaru disappeared, and he began to fall.

The wind blew against Hikaru's face and through his light hair, as he fell downward to the ground. After a moment of falling, he began to recover and slowly opened his eyes. Blinking, he realized what was happening and panicked. Thinking quickly, Hikaru held out his damaged sun earring and yelled, "Transport!" and once again, his little ornament crackled red. However, this time his trinket enlarged into a red sun- shaped warp hole. The warp hole hovered in the air as he fell through, and on the other side, Hikaru fell out and onto the thick, soft grass of a forest - falling asleep.

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Hikaru : light or to shine,

Taiyouken : solar blade

Katsuro : victorious son