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Chapter 5

Hikaru sighed and stood up. "Erhm. . . well, I- I guess we better get a move on."

"Right," Emiko said, as she placed Tenshi down on the cool grass so she could stand herself. She then paused. "Umm. . . where exactly are we going?"

"We're going to see Lady Kameko," he said while brushing away any dirt off his pants. "I've heard great things about her. They say she is wise beyond her years. I wanted to ask her for any help or ideas on how to defeat the Sorceress. And. . . I was also thinking that she may know how to get you home." Emiko's eyes brightened when hearing this.

"Really?! Do you think she would really be able to help us?" she asked.

"I'm pretty sure. At least, I hope so," he chuckled.

"Then let's go!" Tenshi suddenly said as he flew into the air. Emiko smiled while she packed the remaining fruits in her backpack. As she put her pack on, she looked up at Hikaru, who smiled back, and then they were off. Thus, their journey had truly begun.

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Kameko: tortoise child; symbol for long life