Don't I Matter?

Of our friendship, I felt a surety
Of this bond I thought we made
But slowly I sank into obscurity
Without knowing you let me fade

I didn't want to go intervening
A blank page of mine is filling
If you read, my words have meaning
But only if you're willing

Teardrops falling on my pillow
About what I lost, and how I was replaced
So quickly that I waited at the windowsill, oh,
And now, the memories I cannot face

For I truly was a friend to you
I was joyous, I was glad, or so I thought
You were there to help me through
For me, it would be forever, but to you, apparently not

Don't I matter? Can't you see?
A friend of mine I thought I had
I know you, do you know me?
If you weren't my friend, I might be mad

Then again, I don't know
Is this how you treat your friends?
I couldn't know that you would do this
And that we would meet these ends

So goodbye my friend,
I beg of you to give me a laugh to borrow
For in the beginning, they had no end,
But they may not come again tomorrow.