Friendship Is..

Friendship is caring
Like I cared for you
Now when I walk by, I see you staring
I wonder, is our friendship through?

Friendship is impromptu
Unpredictability is what makes it scary
I didn't think you meant to
But instead of friendship it became contrary

Friendship is kindness
Many times it made me wonder why
At first I didn't think of you less
Until you made me cry

Friendship is confusing
A sorrow and a joy that you need to explore
If you are not happy, you are often losing
But if you open up, you can see even more

Friendship is anger
When you can't be seen by your friend
You wonder, "How could I ever be friends with her?"
And you can see an end

Friendship is forgiveness
And this takes the longest while
But you can see, I have done this
And now, if I cry, it will be with a smile.


A/N - ::tears are in eyes:: I FORGIVE YOU!