The Beautiful Things in Life

It's a crazy, insane, mixed-up world

Imperfect in every way

Love and hate, sane and crazy

But that's why it's so beautiful:

Green foliage dripping with blood,

Hope Diamond shards in the bellies of whales,

Chopped-down trees growing sproutlings,

Brindled pelts adorn many walls,

A homeless man shifting through garbage,

A limo splashing a young girl's dress,

A man dropping his ice cream in the Trevy Fountain,

Police raiding a gay bar,

Girls grinding in the center of a club dance floor,

A green-haired guy retching over the Porcelain Goddess,

Elevators that go to the roof,

A girl in depression seeing but not talking to a shrink,

Sunlight can't reach the bottom of the ocean,

Caffeine causing a gun to go off,

Graffiti in the subways,

Holes in the toes of tennis shoes,

Black nail polish scrapes pale skin,

Low moans fill a dark room,

A dead girl wrapped like a mummy,

Birds flying into windowpanes,

Flashing lights in downtown,

Pencil lead breaking.