Do you think it is easy?

Being the way that I am?

Do you think I want it to be so damn hard?

Do you honestly miscomprehend?

Things in my life have already been so different.

When you found out,

At first I was so happy.

But then you shot my hope out of the sky so dark and dreary,

When you decided to oppress me.

The things you say I expect from others,

Yet, they come from you?

You should at least try to see,

That you are not always so right.

I cry silently at night,

But I won't let a single tear out.

These things I feel I cannot tell you.

Because you just don't understand.

I want to love you,

I want you to love me.

I want the respect that you ask of me.

But how am I supposed to believe in anything you say?

If you can't do one simple thing,

And just believe in me?

How can you expect it not to harm me?

And not to scar me to the marrow of my bones?

How can you expect me to forget,

The hurtful things you say to me?

You don't like her,

That much is true.

But why does that matter?

Because the reason that you don't like her is unjust,

You don't even know her!

You have never met her!

You have never seen her smiling face.

Would you care?

If you could see things the way I see them?

Would you try to understand?

Is there anything that I can do?

To make you see me and to make you love me again?

I'm to a point,

That I don't care.

I don't need your love.

I will not loose this fight with you,

Because I will not loose her love.