Chapter Three: What You See, and What I Am

What you see,

Is not always the very same as what you get.

The things I say,

Are not always the mirror reflections of the things inside my heart.

The things I do,

Are not always right,

Not even in my minds eye.

But what you think you see,

When you stop to look at me,

Is not always what I am.

And the things you think I see,

Are not always what I truly see.

I do things,

That you can never possibly understand.

I feel for things,

More strongly,

Than you ever will know or understand.

I put up a happy fa├žade,

One that I can only hop is not too transparent.

I know it's wrong,

I shouldn't have to hide my feelings deep inside,

Not from you,

And not from me,

I shouldn't have to hide.