Lain grinned and punched the chained up figure. Her red hair flaring like a bright flame. The anthro let out a slight gasp as the air left his lungs but nothing more. She was happy that he didn't break easily. Lain punched him again this time in the right kidney earning a groan. "Like that?" Her golden eyes sized up the figure trying to figure out what to do next
Draco smirked. "Is that it?"
"I'm only getting started." Lain's grin grew as she dragged her sharp nails down the furred flesh turning everything red. She dug in deeper making little designs as she went. Who said torture had to be a dull business? The chains clinked as Draco struggled. "You aren't getting out." Lain said as she twisted one of her nails, causing another gasp to leave the beast.
Draco spat. "That's what you think."
Lain chuckled. "You know I can't believe they trusted slime that you are. I am hell on Earth. Insult me all you want, it will only make your death longer and more painful." Lain left the hanging beast and rummaged through a giant plastic tub.
"Jumping to the toys already? Aren't you a frisky girl." Draco's laugh sent a shiver up Lain's spine. He cringed at the sight of a steel bat. "What do you plan to do with that?"
Lain smiled and swung at the air, getting used to the metal weight. "Mail boxes are fun. This bat has knocked plenty from there wooden posts in its day. Now I'm afraid it's it works." Lain wound up and slammed the bat against Draco's leg. Once again, he didn't scream but let out a slight whimper as the knee caps shattered. She wound up again. "Ready?" Lain swung at the other knee, a sharp crack echoed through the room along with another whimper. Red flooded down both of the anthro's legs. "How's that?"
Draco sucked in a breath. "I've had worse."
Lain laughed and threw the bat away. "Worse? I can do worse." She adjusted the chains so he would have to rely on upper body strength to hold him up. She kicked at his right knee again and then his left. Pain filled the beast's eyes. "Ok, I would shut up now if I were you."
"Why the hell are you doing this!" Draco's yell was filled with pain. "What did I do to you?"
Lain smirked and went to the door. She opened it up. "Come on in." She murmured her fangs slid out as the scent of blood filled her nose. She had no intention of drinking but it was just a reflex. A second figure entered the room.
"Hey! It's the slut!" Draco laughed.
Lain restrained the figure. "Call her that again and I'll release her on you." She looked at the woman to her side and smirked. "Not yet friend." She led her into the center of the room and kicked over the large plastic tub exposing every weapon she owned.
A tear beaded up on the woman's cheek. "Why have you brought me here?" Fyre demanded. "I thought I made it clear I never wanted to see this pervert again."
Lain frowned, "He hurt you, now it's your turn to hurt him. I would leave you two alone but I have a feeling you would get carried away. Can't have him dying now."
Draco's eyes filled with a slight panicked look. He looked over Fyre. "How's Tinge? He man enough for." Draco was cut off when a fist slammed across his jaw.
Lain grinned. "I'll go to my corner now." Her glowing red eyes could hardly be seen in the black corner. It was eerie how they watched, enjoying every drop of blood that fell from the body. "Have fun chica." She whispered.

Fyre began pounding away at the body. Chest, face, gut, no place was left untouched by her red fists. Draco still didn't scream. She turned to the overturned plastic tub and pulled out a spiked club. Fyre wound up and landed it right in between the beasts legs earning the long awaited scream. She seemed to bask in it as she slammed the club into the tender flesh of his thigh.
"Fyre!" A voice sounded from the dark. "Not yet."
The red anthro nodded and threw the club away. "Does it hurt yet?" She growled and slammed a fist where the spiked club had previously landed. A loud whimper sounded. Look in the tub. Fyre looked at the glowing red eyes and nodded.
Draco watched as the red wolf like creature moved toward the clear tub. A small container came out labeled Ants. "Ants?"
Fyre laughed and looked through the plastic. Sure enough little shadows danced around. "This should be fun." Carefully, Fyre opened the container and dumped every last six legged insect on the bleeding beast. Sure enough, they started biting and stinging.
Draco cried out as he shook in his chains, trying to get the little bugs off of him. The more he moved the more they stung. The crawling feeling alone was enough to drive him wild with fear. " them off!" He cried.
Lain climbed out of the shadows with a hose and stood next to Fyre, watching the little red ants. "It's almost sad." She whispered.
Fyre smirked. "Almost."
They watched at the ants dug in further and started climbing up to his face. "That's enough." Lain said and handed the hose to Fyre. "Rinse him down from head to toe or else there will be a big mess for us to clean up."
Fyre nodded and turned on the ice cold water that had been laced with chemicals to kill the ants and to take some of the poison out of the ant stings. Draco had been crying the entire time, crying for death to take him away from the chains that bound him. Layers of ants fell to the floor as the stream of water died out. "Will he survive the night?"
Lain pulled a syringe out of her pocket and jammed it into the swollen flesh on his thigh. "Now he will. The merciless thing to do would be to not let him sleep the night, but for what I have planned he'll need it."
Draco whimpered and convulsed. The pain shot through his body like an electric current. "Thank you." He whispered.
"You beat my record!" Lain cried, her eyes once again a golden color.
Fyre's eyebrow went up. "What do you mean I beat your record?"
Lain smirked, "You broke the little snot in 15 minutes. It would've taken me a whole day. I guess you were just that pissed off."
"I feel better." Fyre commented as she left the room. "I can't wait to see his dying breath."
Lain stiffened and rested a black gloved hand on her friends shoulder. "We aren't going to kill him. Just teach him a few things. Once broken, killing would only be a release. It would do better to have him live and remember this."
Fyre growled. "Fine."
The lights around the chained beast slowly died out. Draco hung above a puddle of his own blood for a bit crying before the light above him finally dimmed. Everything hurt but sleep finally came and relieved him of most of the pain.

Lain locked the iron basement door behind her and climbed the steep stairs. She heard Frye curse and laughed. "You know there's a step there right?"
"Quiet you!" She growled and carefully felt around for more. "What's the point in having a torture chamber in your basement?"
Lain grinned. "Do you really have to ask?" The feint light of the kitchen appeared. "Do you want anything to drink?"
Fyre looked around. There was no cereal in the cabinet and no bread to be seen. "What exactly do you have?" She quickly regretted asking the question when she saw Lain pull a bag of blood from her fridge. Fyre grimaced.
"Well there's this," She tossed the bag and it landed with a dull thud as it hit the counter. Lain rummaged around in the refrigerator and sighed. "Cracker Stackers?"
Fyre bounded up to the white machine but ended up smacking Lain over the head. "Evil!" She growled. Fyre watched as Lain laughed. "Real funny huh?"
Lain nodded. "Hilarious, you should have seen your face." She looked over at the blood and smirked. "I want you to try something."
Fyre followed the vampire's line of sight and took a step backwards. "No way that I am touching that! I don't even know where it came from." Once again another mistake was made as she watched Lain read the bag over. "Correction, I don't want to know."
Lain dumped the red fluid into a mug and shoved it into the microwave. "Fine then, starve for all I care." Lain really did care but she couldn't let that be known now could she? 'Lest she would want to lose the little fight.
Fyre looked at the microwave and then back at Lain. She let out a yell of frustration as she gave in. "Fine!"
Lain chuckled and pulled the mug out of the beeping microwave. "Relax!" She handed the warm mug to the human like wolf thing. "One sip isn't going to kill you. It's just otter without the chunks of meat."
"I said I didn't want to know damn it!" Fyre looked at the red and gulped. She took a sip and frowned. "Would be better with meat attached to it and cooked 's not that bad." Fyre handed the cup back.
Lain looked at the blood and growled. "You backwashed! Now you have to drink it all!"
"I did no such thing!"
Lain's lips curled in a mischievous grin. "Now you have to drink it all." She held out the cup and shook it a little.
Fyre growled. "No!"
Lain laughed and took the cup back. "Touchy." She gulped down the blood and wiped her mouth, the tips of fangs protruded from her lip.
"Lain, fangs." Fyre pointed out.
"Heh, sorry." Lain turned around and closed her eyes. She felt the sharp teeth slide back to their normal size, well for a vampire. "There's just a lot testing my control right now."
Fyre grimaced. " could that test your control?" By Lain's look she quickly regretted saying such a thing. "If it isn't Draco then what is it?"
She stepped out of the kitchen and sat down on one of the large chairs while Fyre sat in another. "You aren't going to leave me alone until I tell you are you?" Fyre shook her head. "Thought as much." Lain let out a long breath and looked and the candle burning brightly on the table beside her. "Something's just different with my dark gift lately. Any time I am around any edible creature it becomes harder and harder not to just attack." She saw fear in her friend's eyes. "Let me correct myself, any MALE edible creature, besides that slut chained."
Fyre smirked. "Forgive me for asking such a question but when vampires in general get "horny" do fangs just happen to pop out, out of reflex?"
Lain cleared her throat. "In general, yes."
Fyre laughed. "Lain's a horny blood sucker!" She watched her friends pale cheeks turn red. "But seriously though be both know you will find somebody."
Lain nodded. "I think we let Draco sleep long enough."
Fyre grinned. "What do you have in mind now?"
"Do you have Tinge's number? I think he has a little bone to pick with that butt monkey as well." Lain smiled. "I can only imagine what the boy would do to downstairs." She looked at Fyre who seemed to go into a trance as soon as Tinge was mentioned. "Fyre!"
The wolf girl jumped. "Wha? What's going on?"
"Will you please stop thinking about Tinge's ass for just a few minutes?" She tossed Fyre her phone. "Call and no phone sex either."
"Lain!" Fyre yelled embarrassed.
"What?" Lain smiled innocently and stood. "Tell him to get his hairy butt over here before daylight." Fyre nodded. "And no 'So what are you wearing'." She grinned and went into the kitchen again and disappeared behind the big steel door. -
Two hours later there was a heavy knock at the door. Fyre looked out the little eyehole and grinned. "Tinge!" She pulled the door open and hugged the big wolf man.
"Why am I here?" He asked his big eyebrow raised.
"You remember Draco?" Tinge let out a long growl. "He's locked up in the basement."
Tinge stepped inside and looked around. "In the basement? Who on ." His eyes found the figure in the shadows. "How?"
Lain laughed and stepped into the lamp light. "My secrets aren't for telling. Follow please." She led them into the dark room and switched on the dim light. Draco still hung there, his dragon like wings limp, his head hung low while he slept. Dried blood seemed to cling to all the flesh this beast had to offer. Hair covered the ant bites on his body but there were a few to be seen on the tip of his nose and eyes.
"You let him sleep?" Tinge asked looking over the items scattered along the wet title floor. "He doesn't deserve it." He ran a hand threw Fyre's fur as he looked at the body.
"Would you rather him this early in the process. Fyre already has him broken to the point of crying and screaming. I need him to do the same for you before he is free enough to pass on. You think you can do that Tinge? He already said you were not a man." Lain, a small grin tweaking her lips, handed the wolf man the hose. "Wake him up."
Tinge was more then happy to shower the slumbering beast in freezing water. The water coming out was so cold the flecks of ice could be seen. He smiled at Draco's reaction as he was pulled forcefully from his dreams. Tinge turned the water off and looked the beast in the eye.
"If it isn't Mr. Softie, no wonder she ran from you straight to my arms. You couldn't please her as well as I could." Fyre launched herself at him but Lain held her back. "You are no man, you aren't even worth the scum on my paw." Draco spat.
Tinge turned towards Lain who only nodded then swung and nailed the monster in the stomach making blood drip from his maw. "You're not worth the time. but revenge isn't getting any sweeter." He growled showing his pointed teeth.
Draco laughed but soon stopped when the chains pulled taunt. "Hey, what's going on? This didn't happen last time."
Fyre smirked. "He's a bit over protective."
Lain nodded in agreement and released her hold on the lever. "You better watch what you say." She looked at Tinge who was already routing the giant pile. "I might just let him kill you."
"What is he going to do to me? I'll admit that I used to like him but ever since that slut ran back to him he's been turning into a woman. A big hairy old woman just like." Tinge didn't let him finish the sentence. He had a set of calipers in each hand. The metal covered in fresh blood. The beast yelled out as they dug into his wings. " !"
Fyre watched, a flickering blaze growing in her eyes. She wanted to be the one hurting him, the one to make him cry and beg for death. "Lain.?"

The vampire shook her head. "Not yet." Lain felt a warm liquid splatter onto her face as Draco's yells grew in volume. A gloved hand carefully wiped it away. Her golden eyes registered it as blood instantly making her fangs grow. " make sure he doesn't kill him!" Lain yelled as she ran up the stairs.
Fyre turned. "What's wrong." The loud slam of the metal door was her only answer. "What the hell?" She murmured and turned her eyes back to the torture.
Tinge's muscle seemed to just pop out of nowhere as he began to slam his fists into Draco's sides and stomach. Each punch made Draco groan. Feint gargling sounds could be heard each time the anthro took a breath. Tinge went back to the pile for the metal bat. He pulled it back and swung as hard as he could. Draco cried out as the bat shattered what was left of his already broken knee. Tinge pulled the bat back again and landed another solid strike to the other one. A loud scream filled the room.
" stop!" Draco cried, tears streaming down his matted fur.
"Why should I?" Tinge asked. He dropped the bat and picked up the bloodied club that had been used earlier that night.
Fyre, as much as she hated to do so, stepped in front of the body earning a surprised look from the two males.
Draco laughed. "See she what are you..argh!" He screamed when a certain part of his anatomy was pulled to the point of almost breaking off. "OK!"
Fyre grinned. "I am only doing this because Lain asked me to make sure you didn't kill him yet. I am not defending this sick ass fuck in anyway." She picked up the club and slammed his privates again. "See?"
Tinge looked around expecting to see Lain somewhere. "Where is she?"
Fyre shrugged. "She was fine earlier when we did she get any blood on her?" She looked around and saw splatters everywhere. "Wouldn't be that hard, you got me a little."
"Maybe." he walked up to the wolf like woman and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her neck.
"I leave for five minutes and you .I wasn't going to do this but separate rooms!" Lain shut the metal door and climbed back down the stair.
Fyre growled. "Party pooper." Tinge nodded in agreement.
The gothic woman laughed and looked at the hanging body, noticing the club stuck in. "Draco, you still with us up there?" She heard a groan. "Swell." Lain pulled another plastic container out from under the bin and tossed it to Tinge. "Have fun."
"Ants? Yay!" He pried open the lid and dumped everything on the still body.
Draco groaned. "Not.. no." He cried. The ants started to bit and sting again each movement Draco made further angered them. Some started crawling up his nose and into his ears making Draco scream in agony. "Oh God please! Please stop! I'm sorry! Just stop!"
Fyre and Tinge stood by each other watching. Their faces set in stone as blood coated the fur of their enemy. Soon enough had gathered that a hole started to form in the center of his chest. All the fur was gone, the wings misshapen and raw.
Lain picked up the hose and handed it to Tinge. "That's enough!"
Tinge growled and hosed the bleeding Draco off. The cold water sending shocks of pain through exposed nerves but at the same time killing off the hundreds of ants. "Why do you let him live?"
Lain ignored the question and walked to the body placing a somewhat gentle hand on Draco's leg. "What have you got to say for yourself?" When no answer came she dug her nail in earning a gasp. "Tell or I'll do worse."
Draco's eyes rolled over the three forms lingering for a second or two on Fyre before continuing. "Anything you want me to please don't hurt me anymore."
Tinge and Fyre's jaws dropped. "How?"
Words seemed lost to her ears. "What do you want to say when you see Fyre? What do you want to say when you see her with Tinge?" Lain's voice unsettlingly pleasant.
"My feeble mind can not comprehend any emotion. I do not ask for forgiveness for I know you willl grant me none. Kill me now if you wish to do so for living is the greatest weight I bear. Thank you for teaching ." Draco sobbed.
"That's just creepy!" Tinge exclaimed. " we kill him?"
Fyre shrugged. "No."
"Good girl." Lain murmured. She went to the lever and slackened the chains so that the body gently lowered to the floor. "In the morning I want you all to leave and take him with you."
Fyre shook her head. "No! Well at least not until you tell us why you left!"
Lain's eyes flashed. "Telling would only bring my hunger back. Since the bruised body on the floor repulses me so it would be one of you who would feel my fangs so I suggest you leave it be." She picked up the two empty plastic containers and threw them back into the large bin.
Tinge stood silent while Fyre was anything but. "That's just do what you always do Lain. Hide behind that 'I'm so tragic' wall of yours. If you had any control over the things you do, you would have stayed down here and stuck it out! You are nothing but a coward." The wolf growled.
Lain kept her smile hidden for the moment. Wanting to really hear what her friend had to say. "Anything else?"
"You say your life is so bad when in fact a whole lot of people have had it worse. I have seen things that would frighten the core of you, I bet Tinge has to. So why don't you just shut the hell up and DEAL WITH IT!" The last part echoed on the dark room. Fyre's eyes showed not anger at her friend but impatience. Her hands were balled up in fists at her sides, her breath came out in angered heaves. Tinge looked at her in shock. The only one who wasn't was Lain.
A wide grin spread on the vampires face. "I was waiting for that. Always so shy and hidden behind your little mask now I know just how loud you can be. Oh you were there when I needed a friend but when I needed somebody to tell me off that little part of you kind of disappeared for a little bit huh?" She hugged her friend. "Thank you."
Fyre scratched the back of her head and just smiled, unsure of what else to do. " .welcome?"
Tinge stood there. "Remind me never to get on your bad ." He looked at his watch. "Well it's morning and I have some computer type thing to go and reprogram."
Fyre nodded. "I'll have to go and with shirt off equals drool."
Lain grabbed the keys at her belt and handed them to Fyre. "Don't forget him. I have enough worthless junk around here." Fyre nodded and went to it.

Lain waved them off and shrunk back into her home. "Maybe I should just shut the hell up and deal with it." She turned and saw a small heap on her couch. Lain took a closer look and sighed. "Who the hell left a damn hydro bra here!"