The Gods Must Be Crazy

They say that paying through the nose is as painful as amputation. For the Pharaohs, they had no choice - they didn't even get surgery. For their mistakes in life, they paid through the nose - the payment was their brains. Then their bodies were wrapped in linens and encased in gold molds, then laid upon pedestals to remain in death preserved. It would be truly miraculous if we could preserve the moment of death - why can we not?

The reason is because we are human. We are mortal. The only beings who could postpone final departure of the soul are celestial. Angels, and devils, have the ability to see death and prolong it until they've had ample chance to study it. Then they practice it - they perfect their art of death. They practice many ways, different techiques, of death. Killing, as in battles. Murder, as in revenge. Suicide, depression. Assassination, politics. Old age, rare, but still true, as in the elderly.

The vast majority of death techinques are unnatural - man killing man, rather than nature killing man. Supposedly we're too good for nature. We will learn. Oh, yes, we will eventually learn.

The ancients were our betters, though they may have instigated slavery and wars. They had an inexplicable sense of honor. The Japanese did and still do consider it acceptable, even dutiful, to commit suicide after having been dishonored. The ancient Romans considered it a grave threat to be underhandedly called a bastard, as we would so casually in these erroneous days. The old Norse held their gods' wills to be supreme, and that one should ever deviate from said wills was earned of the gravest of condemnations.

They had their gods, and their heroes. They had their Odins, and their Achilles. And what do we have? We have war. We have slavery. We have dishonor. We have the belittlement of nations poorer than we who consume their portions of the world's resources. We have our Allahs, killing our Gods, and our Bushes, killing our Husseins. What is most miraculous is that we have not learned. Even after four and a half billion years, we haven't managed to perfect our humanity. Is there truly a reason for that?

'The gods have turned their backs on us.' That is the common lament of those who are too lazy to care. No, the gods have not turned their backs on us. At least, not first. No, that was our fault. We have turned away from faith and fallen, like the Angel Lucifer Morningstar, into the pits of the carnal and the material. Pursuits such as these are things the gods have indulged in. It was they, indeed, who taught man such things - sex, drugs, violence, gossip. It was a test. And who has failed, if not man?