Authors Note: This is a story written by my friend and I. We are still currently working on it, well, as I write this yes… Its style is similar to that of a manga, except without those beautiful pictures, but my other friend is getting to that =D. Sorry, about the couple of inside jokes. Like Haru says "Your mom!" a lot, it is 'known' as his only comeback. The characters are based off of real people, though they've become slightly distorted…There probly are occasional grammar and spelling mistakes…

The plan is to update a chapter each day, since the story is going fast right now, maybe later on, up to a week…ok, I'll stop blabbering now

THIS STORY IS OWN BY TWO PEOPLE! NO STEALING OR CLAIMING AS YOUR OWN ALLOWED! Unless you ask us. Just send me an e-mail, and I just might ok it. =P But I doubt its going to get that popular T-T…I said I'd stop blabbering…so….


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