Chapter 16: the new group on campus.

"Say Kateo."

The bard looked at a boy wearing the robes of a magus.

"Yes? What is it Kite?"

"Why are we here?"

"My little sister is here."

"Oh yeah."

"Go tell Shin and Karen to meet up at the school's quad. If people look for trouble…"

"Time to kick some a**" Kite said as he cracked his knuckles and did a dance of pain after.

"I prefer prodding buttock." Kateo said with a smile.

The Fix-mechanics were a crazy lot, though not as crazy as the alchemists, who were constantly getting their classroom rebuilt*. Nonetheless the fix-mechanics constantly built stuff that didn't work or fixed stuff that wasn't broken.

"Out!" screamed the head of the mechanics.

Two boys scuffled out. The teacher followed scolding all the way.

"What have I told you about tampering with Rena's tools? Now go apologize."

The two boys walked back into the classroom to apologize to the girl kneeling on the ground picking up all the bits of her tools.

"Damn boys." she mumbled to herself. "That was the engine to the Beta-RO."

*The room always blew up after and was always followed by a 'whoops, I forgot that it would blow up if I did that' or even more common 'what's this do—' BAAAAM!

Rena walked out of the classroom holding the broken engine. She walked for a while, thinking about her brother. She stopped abruptly when she walked into the back of a student.

"What's going on?"

The student told her.


She pushed herself into the front of the crowd. A mage was about to fight with a group of thieves. The mage was flanked by one girl with blonde hair and one with brownish hair.

Rena squinted and saw who the mage was. Just before they were about to fight, an assassin jumped in between them and ordered the fight to stop.

"Anyone who draws their weapon will deal with me or him" Kazuo said as he pointed to Haru in his new armor of the rune guardian. His sword was bigger too.

Kateo appeared holding the lunch he had bought. He looked at the mage, then at the thieves, then at Kazuo, then at Haru.

"Kite. What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything! Honest!"

"Are they with you?" Kazuo asked.

"Yes. What did he do."

"He was about to start a fight with these three."


Kite protested but Kateo refused to listen.


Kateo turned and saw Rena.

"Hello. Lil' Sis."

"Who are these people?"

Kateo introduced them all.

"The boy is Kite, that girl with the blond hair is Karen, and that girl with the brown hair is Shin."

He turned to Kazuo.

"And you are?"

"Kazuo Asakura of the Luna clan."

"Is that so?"

"This is my group." Kazuo said as he introduced Haru, Hotaru, Hsing and Sakura.

Sakura looked at Kateo.

"Hey! You're that bard from before."

"Yes. Long time no see."

Haru looked at Rena. "Then she would be your sister I presume?"

Kateo nodded.

Kite looked at Haru in awe.

"Wow! A real Rune guardian! I'm only a level A Rune mage."

Karen walked up to Hotaru and introduced herself.

"I'm also a Paladin, a wielder of light like you."

Kazuo looked at Shin.

"Shinji Taka of the Rita tribe. One of the only few Deathcallers left." Kazuo said as he walked towards her, "Pretty famous around the parts where I come from."

"Same likewise." Shinji said, "You can call me Shin. Everybody does."


"You're famous as well Kazuo Asakura of the Luna tribe, Assassin of the two swords."

"Is that so."

"Sorry about your brother though. You're the only one left aren't you." Shinji said.

"Same likewise?" Kazuo grinned.

Shinji nodded.