Chapter 1: the beginning.


The girl skipped happily across the quad of the school. Her black hair flew behind her. She had just passed her summoning exam and was now a grade B Summoner. This was of course Pontera's finest academy, the only academy, to be exact. She skipped to the lunch line. There she met a boy wearing black clothing.

"Haha…Hallo Kazuo chan, didja pass your exam."

*levels at the academy went from N to C to B to A to S then S+ then upgrade job skill. Take thief for example. It goes from N (novice) thief, to grade C thief, and so on until S+ thief then you upgrade to Ninja, then to Assassin, then further up.


"Fine don't say anything."

"…only level B…hmm…"


"I passed all right. Rank jumped too. 'M a level S* assassin."


Kazuo left with his newly purchased lunch.

"Hey Sakura chan. Whatcha doin?"

The level B summoner turned and nearly ran into another girl, clothed mainly in white.

"Heyo, Hotaru chan. Can you believe how far ahead Kazuo is?"


"He's already a grade S assassin."

"…I think you're behind."


"I'm a level S White mage. You're only grade B aren't you?" She made a tsking noise with her tongue.


"Weeeeell, not Haru kun."

Sakura looked at the boy sitting there staring at a sheet of paper. Kazuo was next to him shaking his head.

Hotaru and Sakura walked over to them. They could here Kazuo's voice.

"Huh! Only a level C rune knight. That's even worse then Sakura. At least she upgraded from mage and summoning is hard."

"Ah shut up!"

"Watch your temper rune knight!"

"Oh yeah and what are you going to about it!"

"You're talking to a level S assassin here!"

"Break it up." Hotaru said.



"He's right, Kazuo has upgraded twice and most of us have only upgraded once."

"That's because he used to steal a lot when he was little, no wonder he started at S level for thieves."

"'S not my fault."

Sakura smacked Kazuo on the head.

"Yes it is! You never gave my stuff back!"

"Err…is this thing on?" the voice echoed. "THUNK! THUNK! Attention all students of Pontera Academy we will hold the finals in tomorrow. You are to be paired in groups of five with one objective each. They begin tomorrow first thing. Pick your team wisely.

"Notice that the principal said 'wisely'" said Hotaru, turning her head to Haru.

"We still need one more person." Sakura sighed.

"We could always let the principal decide ya know." Kazuo said and received 3 blows to the head.