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Tokyo is HUGE.

I mean gigantic-ly, humongous-ly, HUGE HUGE HUGE.

"WOW!" I exclaimed as soon as Naru, Li, and I
stepped off the train.

"Big, ain't it?" teased Naru, grinding his fist into
the top of my head. "I stopped by here on the way to your dojo, and it
was a huge shocker."

"I can see why," I gasped.

"I've lived in Tokyo before," came a voice. I jumped
and spun around. "Oh, Li, it's you. You shouldn't scare me like that," I
laughed, waving a hand.

"Did I scare you?" he asked, cocking his head.

He fell in beside Naru.

"Have you really lived here?" I asked, amazed.

"Hai. When I was about thirteen, my family and I
lived in a restaurant; burned down though, so we moved to Kyoto."

I was in awe. I had hardly ever left the dojo, never
mind Takamatsu.

Naru laughed and I realized I must have had an
overwhelmed look on my face.

"Come on, let's get going," he said, pulling me

"Hey wait a sec!" I yelled at him, straightening the
bandana wrapped around my head.

"Make sure that thing DOESN'T come off," Naru warned
helping me.

Before we had left Doctor Kazamaru's home for the
train station, we had decided that it was in my best interest to cover my
hair just in case. In my opinion, it was pointless, considering people
would still see my eyes, but no one ever listened to me.

"Oh and what are we gonna do about Naru?" I had
demanded, but was silenced when he appeared, wearing a traditional
samurai hat that covered his eyes almost completely, yet allowed him to
see out.

Now the hat hung sideways off the edge of his head,
allowing his eyes to be completely visible.

"BAKA!" I exclaimed, straightening it for him. "You
are sure one to talk!"

Naru sighed and then laughed. "I've been here
before, kid. Everything's gonna be okay - I got connections around here,
so even if anyone notices my eye color, we'll be fine."

I squinted at him against the bright sunlight,

"Then why the hell are you so over-doing the deal
with my hair, hm?"

Naru laughed again, and slapped me in the shoulder.

"Because hair is much easier to notice. Anyway,
maybe they'll think that I'm only half-Japanese. I mean, there are plenty
of these "English" people running around Tokyo these days - especially
since the Japanese government is planning on allying themselves with
them. Perhaps I am simply the spawn of a dishonorable Japanese woman and
an "English" ambassador."

I snorted.

"I've heard that these "English" people are
civilized. One look at you and they'll know you aren't half "English. Oh,
and the "English" haven't been here long enough for your story to be
creditable, anyway."

Li covered his mouth with his hand, trying not to

"You shut up, Tomorrow! You just shut up."

I sighed, moving my hand across my forehead. "Man
it's hot here!" I exclaimed, shaking my hand with disgust and watching
sweat fly.

"Naru, what do you think would happen if I took off
my bandana, anyway?" I asked, pulling on the end of it thoughtfully.

His hand shot out and grasped mine, drawing it away
from the knot. "Nothing good can come of begging for bad," he said.

"That doesn't really make all that much sense,

"Hey kid!" he retorted angrily. "Didn't I tell you
to shut up?"

I sighed once and was silent as we made our way
through the streets of Tokyo.

It really was awe-inspiring. In all reality, I would
have felt safer if Rapier had been there with me - it was so big that I
felt as though I would get lost if I stepped even three paces away from
Li or Narukuto.

It was terrifying.

I was so used to small towns and quiet places; the
noise in Tokyo was deafening, and it wasn't too long until I had a

"Ouch," I moaned slightly, touching my forehead and

"What wrong?" asked Li loudly, trying to speak over
the noise of the crowd.

"Headache!" I yelled back inaudibly, and then
regretted it as it made my head hurt even more.

Li must have heard me, however, because he rested
his hand on the top of my head for a moment and gave me a quick,
reassuring smile.

"Don't worry, Tomorrow," he said in my ear, making
sure I heard. "We should be getting there soon." He glanced down at a
piece of paper in his hands. "Well, at least we should be - according to
Xiou's directions.

I nodded a little and smiled weakly.


For another five minutes or so we moved along
through the crowds, and then, suddenly, the mass of sweaty, suffocating
bodies seemed to stop altogether and we were left standing on an empty

I sighed in relief.

We continued to walk down the dirt path, glancing at
our surroundings. The path was etched with sakura, or cherry blossom,
trees that weren't just yet in bloom. Now that it was quieter and I could
see trees, I began to feel less alienated.

"This is much better," I breathed, sucking up the
now-cool air into my lungs with delight.

Suddenly Naru's arm shot out and retrained me.

He was looking up at a wall that must have
surrounded someone's house, for there was a tall gate in the middle that
broke out into the path.

"Wait a minute..."

He snatched the paper from Li and his eyes whipped
over it.

Then he crunched it up into a fist and grinned.

"We're here."


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