Heavenly hues dance across your enchanted face

Thoughts of you could erase my pain in any case

Such a begotten beauty, I hold you near my heart

I will cherish our moments until we depart

When I see you I cannot help but sigh

Thinking of a life without you makes me cry

If you could only know the effect you have on me

Clearing away the darkness allowing me to see

I gaze upon you uplifting sprit

Longing to be near it

Soul mates are one of a kind

Never will you find another like mine

Knowing that I will forever be left behind

Giving you what is only mine, my heart, but it aches

Terrified that once I give it, it could break

Forever holding you in the highest regard

All ill contempt towards you will be disregarded

My heavenly angel, for you have forever graced my tormented soul

Because of you I am once again whole

I may never tell you how I feel

But just your presence has allowed me to deal

Allowing me to be delivered from darkness

I was once a lost cause, a mess

Please understand this is just my way

Because I am a to much of a coward to say what I must say

You're the face I long to see

I just don't believe that we can ever be