Graveyard Remembrance

Caressing your memory

Your everlasting stone

Never felt so alone

Tears melt away the soil

My blood begins to boil

The heart misses you so

Why were you taken

To leave me alone and shaken

I need you

This cannot be true

You lied to me

Said you would never leave

What am I to believe?

The wind whispers in the air

Are you there?

Looking around

Shadows dance upon your grave

Sweet Memories fill my soul

of your past

the empty future without you

In my prayers each night

Ask of you to watch over us, protect us

Our son has an imaginary friend

Could this be you?

It's been so long since you have gone

but you have never left

Go in peace my love

My heart is yours for infinity

My peaceful dove

Remembering our time

It brings reason to the rhyme