Regretting the past

I long for love in my life,

had that once.

Why did I let it go,

was it so hard to forgive,

the unforgivable?

Looking for love in the wrong places,

I am so stupid

love is what I had.

What have I done to myself?

Told myself I hate you,

for what you did.

Just maybe, I only hate myself.

Look, Listen, my heart has broken,

You were not perfect, you had your faults.

So did I, but understand.

Your words, burned me, scared me!

I could not forget,

I have tried


continue to echo through my dreams

Tormenting this poor soul,

I don't look for pity, just understanding.

you were the best part of my life,

you in my arms, your smile.

BUT, never has another caused me such pain.