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She was the daughter of no one particular. In fact, she didn't know who her biological parents were. As much as she wanted to know who they were, her foster parents did not know who her biological parents were. Her foster parents told her that they had found her on their property near the woods. Unfortunately, no one came forth to claim the child. In the end, the couple decided to adopt the girl as their youngest and third child. But her foster parents were not the ones to name the girl, in fact, the girl had a single necklace around her fragile neck proclaiming the girl's name to be "Aeolyn." And from henceforth, the girl was known as Aeolyn.

The girl, Aeolyn, grew up as any other child in the Halen family had. Never was she spoiled, nor was she ever neglected. She was always treated with the same respect and love of her parents. And the girl was always grateful to her parents. From an early age, Aeolyn had known that she was not a biological child of the Halen family or of any of their relatives. It had been plain as night and day. For one thing that was evident to the girl, everyone of the Halen's relatives and them selves was the fact that they were all of a blond hair collar and eyes bluer than the seas. But to contrast it all, Aeolyn's long wavy hair was of a dark autumn brown and eyes greener than leaves. It became more and more evident that she was adopted as she grew older and older and met more and more of the Halen relatives.

Finally, when Aeolyn finally grew old enough and independent enough, Aeolyn decided to move away from her home, as her older siblings had already done. But how far from home would be a mystery.

"Aw, come on Aeolyn," Jasmine, Aeolyn's best and only friend, pleaded. "You know you want to go ice skating just one last time here; if not for my sake, then for old times' sake?"

Aeolyn looked at her friend over the book she pretended to read, narrowing her eyes in mock suspicion. "Old time's sake, eh? Last time we went skating last year you 'accidentally' pushed me in to a random guy."

Both stared at each other daring each other to laugh. Finally, Aeolyn and Jasmine both broke into a fit of unstoppable laughs. Aeolyn dropped her book, too weak to hold up the book from laughter. Tears welled up from too much giggles in Jasmine's eyes.

"Oh, I do remember," Jasmine said through fits of giggles, wiping tears from her brown eyes. "And I remember the way your face turned red enough to think that some one painted you red. And besides, you should be thanking me. That guy you ran into was hot!"

Aeolyn stopped laughing long enough to reply back in her defense. "Thanking you?! He thought I was a complete idiot who couldn't walk straight to save her life. But…then again, he was guy you can see like that only once." Aeolyn blushed at the memory of the last time they had went skating.

"So", Jasmine drawled, as if daring Aeolyn. "Are you coming with me to the lake? When I last checked, there weren't a lot of people there. Come on. It'll be really fun. And I promise you I won't push you into another hot guy."

Aeolyn smiled. "You and your one tracked mind." Suddenly, she leaped out of the chair she was sitting in at her house and grabbed her coat and the arm of her friend. "Sounds interesting enough, let's go before there's a whole crowd of people and we can't race around the lake.

As always, both friends agreed to skate for a half hour for fun before racing each other around the lake, which was more of a small pond, but deeper. Finally, both agreed they should race around the lake, using the starting point as their ending point.

"This time I'm going to win again, like last time," Jasmine declared, skating to the starting point.

"No, I'm going to win and everyone knows it," Aeolyn protested. "Ready?"

"Yup. On three?"


And both friends were racing in a flash around the small lake. After about two minutes and half way around the lake, Aeolyn felt her self pull ahead as she concentrated on skating. Risking a glance at Jasmine, Aeolyn saw how much faster she was skating and smiled in pride. Now absent-minded, she didn't notice the weakness of the ice in the area she was headed until it was too late. Aeolyn heard a sudden crack of ice and a sharp icy cold pain bit her body as a small scream emitted from her lips. The last thing she heard as she went under was the Jasmine's warning of weak ice and her cry of fear. Abruptly, her body was engulfed with fridge cold water, freezing her limbs and mind in an instant. Panic swept through her body as she fought her way to the surface, her heart beating faster and faster while her mind reacted slower and slower from the cold and lack of oxygen. Finally, her hands touched a solid surface, the ice. Panic rose higher in her mind and Aeolyn fought to keep calm. All she had to do was find her way back to the hole she had fallen though, right? But that would prove to more difficult than it sounded. Following her hand against the ice she decided to swim in a different direction, in hopes that she maybe lucky and swim in the right direction. She couldn't have drifted that far from the hole she, could she? Thoughts raced through her head as panic once again fought to take control, nearly winning. But out of the corner of her eye, as her eye lids drooped and her strength began to give in, Aeolyn saw something, a shadow? It seemed to draw Aeolyn to itself, despite the fact that nearly all of her strength was gone and her lungs felt as though they were about to exploded. Slowly, she felt her head become light and her limbs become weights.

Her body had become so numb with the cold that she couldn't feel her body being pulled out of the water. But rather than feeling it, she saw it. It scared her more than anything she had ever felt. All around her body were people. She saw Jasmine, kneeling by Aeolyn's body, take off Aeolyn's jacket and replace it with her own, in hopes to keep her friend's body warm. Jasmine grabbed Aeolyn's cold hand, her tears over flowing, as she feared the worst of her friend.

"Aeolyn, please, Aeolyn wake up! Aeolyn!" Jasmine sobbed.

Aeolyn ran over to her friend, hoping to tell her that she was right her and she wasn't going to go anywhere. "Jasmine, I'm here. Jasmine?" No one answered. She moved to kneel by Jasmine and place her hand on her shoulder. But to her horror, her hand moved right through Jasmine's body.

"No! I can't be…" Aeolyn refused to state the fact, the truth. "It can't be true, it can't." Again and again she repeated over and over, tears blurring her vision. She rocked back and forth, oblivious to the world living around her. Out of the corner of her eye, she barely saw something, or someone standing off to the side. What ever it was, it mattered little to Aeolyn now in her new state of being. But Aeolyn, caught up in her own emotions, did not realize that someone come up behind her and lay a gentle hand on her shoulder.

To feel the actual warm touch of another startled Aeolyn as she stumbled backwards as she tried to turn around. Before her stood a man, tall and clothed in all black from his black tee shirt to his loose black pants and boots. But around his shoulders contrasted the black with a cloak, white as newly fallen snow. he looked down at her with hazel eyes over a straight bridged nose. His raven black hair fell into his eyes as his brows furrowed. Withdrawing his hand from her shoulder, he pressed a single finger to his lips with a small and hesitant smile.

"Are y-you like the…Grim Reaper?" Aeolyn stammered, backing away from him.

Hurt and sorrow filled his dreamer's hazel eyes. He shook his head, sending his hair into his eyes. With a restless gesture, he ran his hand through his hair. "No, I would never do or become anything of that such," he answered, his voice like a far away dream. He held his hand down to her in a hand up. Aeolyn stared at it, hesitating. Finally deciding that there couldn't be anything worst that could happen now, she accepted his hand, dropping it as soon as she stood. It gave her an odd numinous feeling.

"W-what do you want with me?" she asked, stammering. She looked up into his hazel eyes, realizing how much taller he was. Behind her, she could hear an ambulance pulling up beside the lake.

The sorrow and anguish still resided in his eyes, as he looked deep into her eyes as though he was looking deep into her soul. Aeolyn cringed slightly and looked down at her feet. What was this odd sensation she felt as though she felt higher than life.

He placed a gentle hand on her arm. "I can put you back into your body, bring you back to life, Aeolyn," he whispered in his distant dreamer's voice.

Her head snapped back up and she looked up at him in surprise and shock. "You can!?" her voice squeaked. Her brows drew into a slight frown. "Who are you?"

His rueful smile was warm her face and lit his face. "Someone who knows you for who you are-were," his voice trailing on the last word.

Slowly, he took hold fold of her hand in his giving her skin an uncanny sensation. Aeolyn stared up into his hazel eyes, unable to look away as he leaned close. He bent his head and touched his lips to hers, sending a numinous feeling through her whole body. For a single moment, the entire world stopped around her, the snow newly falling stopped in mid air and the people around her body ceased to move or speak. For a single moment, all her troubles seem to dissipate and every second felt more surreal than the next. She savored every second of the body before she lost all feeling of her body.

"…she's breathing, unconscious, but alive."

Who was that, Aeolyn wondered, trying to move, or at least open her eyes, but she found she couldn't even move to save her life. Her eyes felt as though they were burdened in weights. Before she could remember anything, a sweet solace of sleep came over her.

Her eyes fluttered as she struggled to open them. Heat and fever overflowed her body and sweat broke out on her brow. Her fingers and toes felt like cold bone on burning flesh. Her chest heaved as she strained to breathe, her lungs burning like cold fire with a stinging of a thousand bees. At last, she opened her blurred eyes.

Around her bed, Aeolyn saw the blurred figures of her family and her friend, Jasmine. Her mother was first to notice her eyes flutter. "Aeolyn, dear, oh gosh, how do you feel, hun?"

Aeolyn stared at her mother, unable to think for several seconds, her eyes starred with sickness. "Where-am-I?" she asked faintly, using most of her strength to keep from fainting.

"You're in the hospital, sweet," her father answered, coming over on the other side of her bed to ruffle her hair a bit. "That was quiet a fall you took there," his voice quietly teasing softly, bringing a drawn smile upon Aeolyn's face.

"I'm so glad you're going to be okay," the timid voice of Jasmine called out softly as she stood by Aeolyn's mother. "I-I don't know what I would do if-"

Aeolyn silence her with a rueful smile. "Don't think of such things, Jasmine. I would never leave without a good-bye," she joked lightly.

Jasmine's eyes watered, holding back unshed tears. Leaning over, she gave Aeolyn a careful, but meaningful embrace. "I know you never would," she whispered to Aeolyn and then said aloud, "I should go, I was supposed to go to work a while ago but…"

Aeolyn's parents nodded in understanding with a smile. "We appreciate you staying here, Jasmine. If you ever need anything all you have to do is ask.

With a quick farewell, Jasmine left reluctantly, leaving Aeolyn alone with her parents. She looked up her mom and dad. "Mom, Dad, what's goin' to happen to me? What happened?" Her brows furrowed in worry.

Her mother patted Aeolyn's hand in reassurance. "Don't worry, hun, it's probably nothing as bad as hypothermia. It's just, ah, a sever illness. You'll probably feel it once the drugs wear off."

Aeolyn frowned. "But what happened at the lake? Did anyone, um, see a man dressed in, ah, dark colors and a, er, white cloak?" she stammered, wondering how silly she actually sounded. Did her parents think her delusional now?

Her mom smiled sadly. "Aeolyn, you fell through the lake when you were skating. Jasmine said you two were skating in an area where no one else was skating. The ice was weak in that area. But there was no account to a man in dark colors or much less of wearing a cloak."

"You were very close to death, Aeolyn," her dad said. "It's possible you were seeing things."

Aeolyn shook her head. "No, I wasn't imagining anything," she protested. "And I wasn't close to death, I was dead. It was real. I saw someone. He brought me back to life. I saw myself dead on the ice!" She deliberately left out the part of the kiss as she struggled to breathe while her lungs burned.

Her mother and father hushed their daughter, telling her to calm down and convincing Aeolyn that it was a just a dream. Aeolyn tried to protest against their will, but the her disgust, she found her strength was leaving her once again. They told her that some sleep would do her some good and that therapy would be available to her when the time had come when she was more recovered. And to her shame, Aeolyn fell asleep before she could say no.

When she awoke again, or maybe she was awakening in a dream, it was head to say. Her whole body, though, reminded her that this was not a dream, the pain was all too real. Her body felt as if it was immersed in burning ice. She felt her body tremble and sweat break out with fever. Her head spun despite the fact that she was half asleep still. Her mind was clouded with a thick haze of a pounding throb. Her throat and mouth felt parched and dry like sand paper. Breathing made her lungs burn and sting like a thousand needle as she heaved to get air into her lungs before she passes out from lack of oxygen. A small groan emerged from her parched lips as she struggled to deal with the pain.

Suddenly, a cooling wave over came her, dosing the fire that burned her flesh within and out. A soft touch met her lips, taking away the pain and fire of fever. A gentle hand placed itself over her forehead, taking away the throbbing in her head. The soft touch left her lips, leaving her body and mind in a sudden, startling, dull ache again, but it was enough to make Aeolyn whimper unexpectedly, to her loathing. "Shhh," a gentle voice dreamer's voice whispered, brushing hair from her face. Again, a gentle kiss brushed her lips, the sweetness was enough to take away the pain again and more sweeter than anything she had ever tasted. The moment lasted more than a thousand years and yet no more than a single moment.

The kiss broke with the sweet words of "Sleep well, Aeolyn."

Her name, Aeolyn, brought her back from her surreal state. A wisp of wind brushed coolly against her cheek, making her eyes flutter. She sat up, misbelieving that anything happened. Pressing her had to her lips, she could still feel the reminiscence of the kiss. She let her eyes glaze over the room. The room was an ordinary room anyone could find in a hospital. But the door to the main hall and her window showing the stars of the night were closed, indicating that the wind must have been a dream…

Like the kiss she thought. Aeolyn put her hand to her forehead, feeling for the burning of fever, yet none came to touch. Her eyes widen, twitching back and forth, from side to side anxiously. What had happened? Was it all it possible that something had happened?

"This is completely silly" Aeolyn scolded herself, denying everything, if anything at all. "This is complete pile of…" her voice trailed off as she spotted something white on her nightstand. Aeolyn leaned over and picked it up gently, straining her eyes in the dark to see what it was. Her eyes widened, her heart pounded. It was a feather longer than the length of her hand, white and edged with silver. A feather belonged to no bird she knew of.

Abruptly, she heard a quiet knock on her door before the door handle turned. Aeolyn's mind blanked for a second, unable to think of what to do. Then, with as much speed as she could, Aeolyn slipped the feather under her pillow and eased herself back in the bed and under the covers, hoping she didn't cause too much noise. As the door began to open, Aeolyn feigned a troubled sleeper's appearance and moved slightly so her head faced away, as though the sound of the door creaking disturbed her dreams.

The nurse poked her head inside the room, scrutinizing it. "That's odd," she murmured aloud, turning to leave. "I swore I heard someone talking…"her voice faded away as she closed the door.

Not risking another check in with the nurse, Aeolyn decided it would be best to melt back into her own world of dreams.

When Aeolyn awoke again, it was by her doctor, who had come to check on her. By the time the examination was finished, Aeolyn's parents had arrived. Aeolyn sat on the edge of her bed, fully dressed in the clothes her mother had left her yesterday as her parents and the doctor discussed about Aeolyn in her sick room.

"This is the oddest thing that has happened to any of my patients," the doctor proclaimed. She turned to Mr. and Mrs. Halen. "It seems as though your daughter has never even taken a fall through ice. All of her fevers have completely dissipated. Even her hands show no sign of frostbite and her lungs have shown no signs of damage or drowning. The only conclusion I can make here is that you daughter has someone watching over her or this is a miracle."

Aeolyn's mom pinched her brows in worry. "But how did this all happen? I thought you – this is an impossible thing to have happened."

The doctor shrugged. "I would have liked to know how this happened my self. But rest assured, you daughter is in good health, Mrs. Halen. In fact, she could return home today."

Aeolyn's father stepped forward, offering his hand in thanks. "Thank you, doctor, for all you have done for our daughter."

"And your welcome, Mr. Halen," she replied, taking the offered hand. "Though it wasn't all my doing. There's something special about your daughter." Releasing his grip, the doctor turned to Aeolyn. "You and our family can leave as soon as you wish, unless you are feeling unwell again."

Aeolyn smiled and declined the offer to stay longer, insisting she felt better than ever. And with that her parents left shortly, after discussing all the medical bills and others. Aeolyn looked around as she sat upon the bed, not wanting to risk anyone see her as she slipped her hand under her pillow and pull out a larger white and silver feather. Hastily, Aeolyn slipped the feather into the front of her shirt, tucking in the under shirt she had on so the feather did not and would not fall out. Quickly she left the room to join her parents, feeling the feather's cool touch against her skin as she left the room and left the hospital with her parents.

Standing by her window, Aeolyn threw the panes of her window wide open, thankful for the cold breeze. Leaning out, Aeolyn could see the stars of the sky as her breath frosted before her. The scene below showed the small field of frosted green grass and the extent of the wild woods in the backyard. Aeolyn closed her eyes and rested her chin on her hands, wondering why she was crazy enough to do this in the first place. Partly was because the winter sky looked more beautiful than it ever had in a long time. And partly was that she wanted to believe in who ever left the feather was a real living being.

"Just maybe" she murmured, and drew the window shut, but she didn't lock it. Her window was on a high second floor and impossible to get to. Slowly, she walked over to her bed, pausing at her nightstand to pick up the lone long feather of white and sliver gently between her careful forefinger and thumb. For the hundredth time that day, she wondered who or what dropped this extremely large feather. Sighing, she placed the feather back into its place before drawing back the covers of her bed and collapsing in a nest of blankets and pillows. As she snuggled more into the bedding, she let the sweet bliss of sleep claim her.

From the darkness of her mind came a shadowing of colors, like an artist splashing colors of water over the view of her eyes. It was the most interesting thing to see the shades of blue, green, white, brown and black form scenery. Aeolyn sat up, finding it extremely odd that she should be lying as she was in the grass beside a lake. It could have easily been the most realistic and surreal place she had ever been. The lake looked purer than life itself and reflected clearly the midnight sky above as the mirror rippled from the waves caused the audacious waterfall on the far side of the lake, flowing from a cliff side inhabitant by audacious greenery. All around the lake and clearing of grass was a forest filled with dreams, mystery, and mists of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Aeolyn let her eyes meander, taking in the world around her, as though it would disappear within a matter of seconds, but her eyes settled upon a something she had missed upon first glance. She strained her eyes to see as she rose to full length, but not moving anymore. Something or someone, a man perhaps, sat with his back to the damp, moss-grown boulders to the left of the waterfall. He sat with his knees drawn up to his chest and his hands locked around the ankles of his boots. His head rested against his knees as shudders wracked his body. His entire being nearly blended in with the dark of the night from his dark clothing. But there was a single marking that make him conspicuous. From his broad shoulders and back sprouted an unusual pair of wings of a grey- white with the high arch extending well past his head and resting rather painfully against the boulders in a mass of white and silver. The wings quivered on what seemed to be of their own accord, in unison with each of his shudders.

With brows knit in bemusement and compassion, Aeolyn moved forward, but not too much. Who was this person, who's heart was filled with so much sorrow? Was it a one of the Guardians, the angels who watched over the common people? But why was here then? Questions constantly popped into her head, causing her even more incomprehension.

As if sensing her gaze, his head drew up and he looked over his wing and shoulder in her direction, but his gaze looked into memories, passing right through her. Even from the distance, she could tell there was deeply embedded distress in his eyes. Over the sounds of water and wind, she heard the words he whispered, carried by the wind to her ears like the sound of music. "Why…why…why don't you remember me? Don't you remember who I am, who you are? How could you forget I…"

Aeolyn woke with a start. She sat up quickly in her bed, her eyes wide, her heart pounding. She sat there for several seconds with her hands supporting her body upright, trying to intake all of what happened. What did he say? Something about someone possibly not remembering him? What was his last words? How could you forget I…? What such sad words for a person as young as he was. Was he young? Well, at least older than she was, at any rate.

Aeolyn sighed and fell back to bed, not realizing the window was open, the breeze so gentle it was easily missed. Letting her breath eased from her mouth in long intervals as she closed her eyes. Who knew that a single dream could take so much energy? As she let the waves of sleep wash over her, she felt a mild breeze against her pale cheeks. Aeolyn sat up again, looking around her room before she noticed the window was wide open. She opened her mouth to say something or to scream, she couldn't remember, as a hand snaked its way around over her mouth firmly. Another hand slipped around her waist, pinning her arms to her sides, and dragged her out of the bed, none too gently but cautiously. Panic drove Aeolyn tried to open her mouth to scream, but the hand was tightly around her mouth, disallowing her to part her lips. A strangled whimper emitted from her throat as she tried to move her arms and thrashed her legs about. The heel of her foot connected harshly with her captor's foot, resulting in a crude curse, but her captor did not lessen the pressure on her arms.

"Stop struggling so much!" a hoarse male whisper hissed above her right ear.

But this only made Aeolyn struggle more, hoping for the slightest chance of escape. Yet to her dismay and pain, he only tightened his hold, bringing a whimper of pain from her throat. Aeolyn stopped her fruitless struggles. Her capture lessened his grip slightly, accepting her obligation but it proved to be a mistake. Taking the advantage of his slack of hold, Aeolyn drove her heels into his feet and threw all over her weight forward. Caught off guard, both plummeted forward, but a quick twist to the side with all of her strength. Her momentum allowed her to land on her with her elbow thrusting into her captor's belly. Releasing her, he grunted in pain and surprise. Using the precious moments of he's instability, Aeolyn rose off of him and sprinted toward her door on the far side of the room, but to her dismay, the door was locked, as if it the handle of the door was melted shut. A strangled cry of frustration came from her throat and screamed at the top of her lungs as she ran toward the open window, not realizing the man was starting to rise again. She leaned out the window for a way to escape, but to no anvil was it successful. She turned around again and froze when she lay her eyes upon him in the shining moonlight.

His hair was pure black, shining white in the moonlight as it fell into his raven black eyes like a shade of darkness. His nose was a larger than what she would have normally liked n proportion. His thin tight lips were foreboding, added by a rough roguish touch of good looks. His face ran long with his pointed chin. He wore a rough black tunic, showing the strength of his brawny arms crossed over his broad chest. From his back, sprout a pair course wings like a bat's wings. Aeolyn shuddered as she saw a long whip like tail sweep across her floor from black pants.

He arched one black eyebrow at her, as if saying Are you done yet?

A small cry escaped her mouth as she froze, her mind moving like she was running through water. But there was something in his eyes, those icy eyes, that told her he wouldn't lay a finger on her unless she made it necessary. Slowly, she backed up until her back met the wall and window. But no matter how much distance she tried to place between them, he kept coming closer and closer, never stopping. Her breath caught when he finally stood before her. she bowed her head and faced the floor, her eyes shut tightly as she murmured a prayer to the Guardian Angels of the Divine realms.

He placed a single gloved hand lightly on her cheek and traced her jaw line with a one finger until he tilted her face upward. Aeolyn shivered from his touch, but did not twitch away in fear of what he might do to her. He gazed into her eyes, piercing. "You look…Wait, don't you…I guess this is how you came, eh?" He looked thoroughly amused and content after a moment of comprehension.

Her brows drew up as she became ready to protest, but he held a finger against her lips, silencing her. Tears welled up in her eyes as she saw him look around behind her, through the window. Was he going to kidnap her? He withdrew his hand. "Ah, dear Aeolyn," he whispered, "I thought – ah, it does not matter, you being here is all that counts."

He drew her into a rough embrace. Aeolyn froze and tried to struggle. What is he doing?! She thought How does he know me? There was only one resolution to such a problem. Aeolyn opened her mouth to scream as she struggled harder. Instantly, he released her, his eyes wide in dismay. He saw her open her mouth to scream, but he quickly extracted a white cloth from where, Aeolyn could not tell as he took hold of her arm and drew her to him, placing the cloth over her nose and mouth. With her heavy and quick breathing, she inhaled whiffs of pungent herbs and liquid on the cloth while she tried her best to pull away futilely. But the drugs on the cloth encompassed a strong effect. Her mind became sluggish and her limbs would not respond. Her eyes became heavy and her senses became numb. She could only watch as she felt her body crumple into the arms of her captor. He hoisted her limp body, cradling her to his chest as one might do when carrying a sleeping child.

He looked down at down at her with sympathetic eyes. "You really don't know who I am, do you? I'm sorry Aeolyn, but fate must happen, even if I have to make it happen." Aeolyn vaguely registered what he said as her mind swam in murky swamps.

He suddenly leaped onto her window ledge with extremely practiced grace and balance. Then he leaped from the window for a free fall drop. Had she been more aware, she would have screamed in terror and fright. Heights was the one thing that did not agree with her all to well. But before he could hit the ground, he spread his bat-like wings and effortlessly shot straight up into the sky above and with the misting clouds. Aeolyn murmured a protest as she felt the sudden change of altitude and speed in the bottom of her stomach. Her half-open eyes saw the stars looming closer and closer as she saw the crystals of her chilled breath. Then he started flying toward the mountain Victoriana and near the river Run. Shivers of fear and the cold coursed through her body as she saw the moon shine through the thin clouds and heard an imaginary wing beats like a dove's wings. She was vaguely conscious as her captor turned his head and swore aloud. She felt the winged man pick his speed, flying higher into the colder atmosphere.

"You crazy fool, you'll kill her!" a faint voice called in angst. The dove's wing beats became louder, quicker, harder. Her captor struggled to fly away from the other, but in the end, he paused and turned to face his pursuer. Aeolyn tried to turn her head to see who this other could possibly be, but the drugs made her vision become more and more blurry as time moved on.

"Why do you want her?! She's no use to you. To you or you're dying race. You don't deserve her after all you've done! Don't think that you can suddenly take it all back!" her captor shouted, his voiced filled with vehement emotion. He clutched Aeolyn closer to him. Aeolyn struggled to stay conscious as the drugs began to affect her hearing, making the words slur to her ears.

"I – I…that's not true! You could never understand, you can't possibly deserve her either. Not now, not ever," the other, a male Aeolyn decided as her heard the last of his comments as her hearing faded. "…you…never…she…I do….."

Her attentiveness slowly began to fade as she felt herself being hoisted over one shoulder of her captor. Vaguely, she heard an unsheathing of a sword, metal against metal, shouts, and suddenly a cry of anguish from both men as Aeolyn felt herself drop from the arms of her captor. She felt warm liquid against her right arm, seeping through the shirt she wore. Fear ran through her mind, increasing with the mere fact that there was absolutely nothing she could do to save herself. Her mind fought to control her limp limbs and panic rose like a red morning dawn. Her breathing became harsher and faster, yet but there wasn't enough air to supply her tiring lungs as her speed increased with each passing second. Aeolyn closed her eyes, knowing that the drug would resist against every fight she had in her, diminishing every last once of strength she had in her. Thoughts of death, her family, her friend, life, passed through her mind. In her mind's eye, Aeolyn heard a pulsing of dove's wing beats, arms and a swirl of feathers scooping her up from Death's grasps. In her mind's eye, she saw a Guardian Angel smiling down upon her with eyes like a dreamer's distant gaze.