Outrage mingled with sadness
Is just a part of my mind's torment
Tears of rage and screams of anger rip from my throat
And stain the flood on which I kneel
I can't go on
Deep black bottom
Looking up from underneath
Met my low in life
Blood running down my arm
Signs of an ordinary cutter
One of the many
Losers in life that don't give a fuck
Just hand me a gun and I'll be the happier person
Never been so confused
Never seen anything so clear
The only path I can see myself going down
Is the last one I'll ever take
Burying myself under earthy loam
Under the blankets
Suffocation feels better then breathing
My mind clears
Hands shaking
I still don't know what to do
I feel normal
But for how long...
Would anyone care if I was gone
After a month, would I be like a lost fish
Buried among the geraniums
I don't think I care
At least fish can't feel pain
The pain is numbing me
I feel cold.