She lay breathless and cold. Eyes closed for eternal sleep. He looms over her, taking in the last drops of her beauty. Crimson lips, silk black hair like a raven. Her skin, luminescent like the moon. He places a final kiss upon her lips and disappears into the night.




Adam Reeves, several centuries old and only looked to be in his mid 20's. He was beautiful, handsome, desirable, especially with his deep dark blue eyes. He could easily pick up any woman he wanted, of course, having hypnotic powers worked to his advantage as well.

Tonight he had his eyes set on a regular at the club he often visited. He had watched her many a night before. Following her home, finding out who her friends were, any other information he might need.

She was absolutely beautiful in his eyes. He rarely found a human that attractive today. Women had lost their exotics looks he noticed. She was defiantly exotic; perfectly straight black hair with no bangs, bright green eyes, and pale skin that remind him of milk. It was too bad she wore make up. Her natural beauty was enough to attract him.

Tonight was the night Adam decided. He approached her at the bar. Her friends were out dancing while she was taking a small break. He sat down next to her smiling, showing no trace of his fangs. She smiled back at him.

"Hello Mademoiselle. My name is Adam." Adam smiled again.

"Heather." The woman smiled.

Adam grabbed her hand and kissed it, but still gazing into her eyes. She was falling into his spell. She closed her eyes for a couple of seconds then opened them. Her eyes glowed for a second and then went back to normal.

"Mademoiselle, would you like to leave?" Adam asked politely.

"Yes." Heather responded quickly.

Adam smiled and stood up. Her grabbed hold of her hand and led her to the door. Another woman walked up to Heather and grabbed her by the shoulder spinning her around. Heather looked dazed.

"Where are you going?" The woman asked.

"She's coming with me." Adam said.

"Where?" The woman asked skeptically.

"My apartment is just around the corner; 46 Reed St, apartment 56. I'll bring her home when she's ready to go home." Adam said.

The woman looked hard at Adam. Adam played a quick mind game; she turned and walked away. Adam smiled and walked out the door of the club with Heather at his hand. They turned the corner and walked past the only apartments on the street

"Are we not going to you apartment?"

"Mademoiselle, do you feel safe with me?" Heather nodded. "Then trust me."

Adam pulled Heather closer to him and they kept walking. They walked down to the beach. It was a perfect night with the moon shining brightly. The ocean breeze gave some relief to the heavy humidity. Adam could instantly smell the fresh salt as they approached the beach. They stopped walking and sat down, Heather in Adam's arms.

"Do you enjoy the moon's light?" Adam asked Heather while looking up at the full moon.

"Very much so." Heather rested her head on Adam's shoulder.

"Do you believe in vampires?" Adam asked.

"I did when I was younger. Science has corrupted my mind." Heather sighed.

"Yes it has."

They sat quietly for a while, just staring up at the moon. Adam focused his sight on Heather. For a second he was convinced she wasn't human. Then he saw her blood pulsing through the veins on her neck. Adam placed two fingers under Heather's chin turning her head towards him. He slowly leaned into her and kissed her softly on the lips. It was like electricity when their lips touched. Adam pressed his lips harder onto Heather's. He parted his lips slightly, gliding his tongue across her bottom lip. She parted her lips allowing him to enter.

Adam caressed Heather's tongue with his own. Heather moaned as Adam pulled away. Adam began kissing his way to her neck. He sucking on her pulse then pulled away and blew on it slightly.

"Do you enjoy pain?" Adam whispered into Heather's ear.

"Yes." Heather moaned.

Adam opened his mouth wide and bit down into Heather's flesh. Heather gasped with surprise but quickly fell into Adam's embrace. He was surprised how different she tasted. She tasted sweeter than every other human. Adam could feel the energy pulsing through his own veins. He felt the warmth coming to his body. Electricity danced under his fingertips. With each gulp Heather moan more and more quietly. She finally became limp and Adam kept drinking; drinking away her life. He found it sort of sad, but the lust for blood over came that emotion. It felt like dark chocolate or silk running down his throat; warm, thick, and tasty. He could feel the blood beginning to thin. He took his fangs out of her skin and licked her wound clean. The wound healed quickly and he blew on it. He picked up her body and carried her to the ocean. He placed her in shallow water.

Adam took a final look at her beauty. It would be a while before he came across another one like her. He cemented the image of her perfect face in his memory. He leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips that were now turning purple. He stood back up and walked out of the water and back onto the beach. Adam took a final glance at the moon, turned and walked off to find another victim.