Does he love me the way he loved Adeline? Would he save me from death if he could? Would he stop me before I even tried? Would he know?

Sibyl sat in the room pondering to herself. Adam respected her privacy and stayed in the living room watching the daily news. Adam got up and walked out of the apartment feeling the need to feed again.

"My luck." Sibyl said aloud as she walked out of the room.

Sibyl walked into the kitchen and looked for anything sharp. What would a vampire need with utensils? Sibyl found a butcher knife surprisingly.

"I don't wanna know what he's done with this." She said as she wrapped her fingers around the grip of the knife.

Sibyl looked down at her most recent cut. She thought to just re-open that. She pressed the metal to her cut and pulled it down her arm. Blood welled up and spilled down her arm. Sibyl put her other arm out and pressed the blade into the soft skin. Blood trailed the blade as she pulled it down her arm. Sibyl put the blade on the counter and smiled at her work. She slowly lowered herself to the floor and leaned up against the wall.

Twenty minutes later Adam came into the apartment. Immediately he smelled the blood and walked into the kitchen. Sibyl sat in a pool of her own blood. Her eyes were closed peacefully and a smile was on her face.

"Why? How can humans wish for such absurd things?" Adam yelled.

Adam knelt next to Sibyl. He checked her pulse in her neck. It was slow but still there. He tried shaking her awake but her eyes stayed peacefully closed. Adam kissed Sibyl's lips gently.

"You stupid girl." Adam said.

Adam yanked Sibyl's neck to the side and bit down into her throat. He drank the last of her blood and with it her life. Adam picked up Sibyl's body and threw it over his shoulder. Adam went to his door and peeked out the door. Adam went into the hallway and to a fire escape. He climbed down the fire escaped into an alley way.

Sibyl's body was cold under Adam's touch. Adam cried silently as he quickly walked the streets to the river. He swung Sibyl over the railing and watched her body fall to the water.

It was just a vessel for her soul. Adam would meet her again in her next life. Adam would wander the world to find Sibyl; Adeline and this time not screw up.