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Chapter Two: Not What You Expected

Elm was in his room when he heard the dorm door open. He paused, fingers loosening around the book he was holding. Blue-green eyes flicked to the balcony floor visible through his open door, wide with curiosity. Finally, after a moment of hesitation, he dropped the book and headed downstairs. He was nervous. He wasn't much of a people-person, much like most members of his race. Elves were a solitary bunch, and Elm was no exception.

Still, he really wanted to get along with his roommate, especially since he would be spending the next four or so years with him.

When he reached the bottom floor, he frowned, not seeing anyone. He slowly walked further into the living room, confused.

"Hello…?" he called tentatively.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me."

Elm spun around, sharp eyes searching the dim room. Backing up, his reaching hand found the switch on the wall, flooding the room with light.

His heart stopped and fear instantly twisted his stomach.

The stranger's skin was jet-black, snow-white hair pulled back in a long braid, revealing a beautiful face and hate-filled violet eyes. His tall, lithe body was clad in tight jeans and a loose, black, off-the-shoulder sweater, something that would've had Elm's face flushing if he weren't so terrified.

After mindless gaping, numb lips finally managed to stammer out, "D-drow. Y…you're…drow."

White teeth flashed as the dark mouth twisted into a sneer. "Great observational skills there, princess."
"There…there has to be some sort of m-mistake," stuttered Elm, back pressed against the panelled wall.

The drow's boots clacked against the smooth wood floor as he walked toward Elm, face stormy.

"That's an understatement. I didn't realise they'd stuck me with a filthy elf."

Elm flinched, stepping away from the drow.

"Don't touch me."

The drow laughed, the sound mocking and harsh. "Like I'd touch you."

Elm continued edging away, wide eyes fixed on his roommate. What the hell had the rooming committee been thinking?!

"Then don't come near me!" Elm's voice wasn't as steady as he would have liked, but it was no surprise considering the vicinity of the drow. He'd been raised to hate and fear the other race, and that feeling hadn't lessened at all since childhood.

The drow's expression was filled with loathing as he snarled, "I can go wherever I want. Just because you're an elf doesn't mean you have any control over me."

Elm's eyes slid briefly shut. It had been at almost a century since drow enslavement, but the animosity still thrived. And his roommate obviously planned to take it out on him.

His breath hitched as the footsteps stopped next to him, but nothing happened. Blue-green eyes flew open at the sound of the door wrenching open and slamming shut.

The drow was gone.

Elm remained frozen, wide eyes fixed on the door. He half-expected his roommate to come storming back at any moment to kill him.

Considering the temperament of that race, it wouldn't surprise him in the least.

However, several minutes slipped by with no such occurrence, and the tension in Elm's body finally slid away. Light tremors racing through his thin limbs, Elm stumbled over to the couch and collapsed on the cushions. Eyes wide and unseeing, he stared at the fireplace.

A drow. He'd been roomed with a drow. Did the school truly not understand the history between their two races?

Impossible. Everyone knew. After all, the drow had been slaves to the elves for centuries before securing their freedom. Every History class detailed this in the section on Elven history.

What was the school trying to do?!

Breathing deeply, Elm closed his eyes, forcing his body to relax. He couldn't let his emotions control him. He could handle this situation. Everything would be fine. He just needed to remain calm.

After years of practise, it only took a matter of seconds to return to a state of serenity. Breath steady, Elm blinked once before rising. It was probably safest to remain in his room. At least there he could barricade the door.

Rubbing tired eyes, Elm set down his book and glanced at the clock. Surprised, he realised that it was already evening. His stomach rumbled, forcing a grimace onto his face. He hoped they were serving dinner…or that he could at least find the school's dining hall.

Stretching cramped limbs, Elm slipped from his bed and padded to his door, quietly opening it and stepping out into the hall. Before reaching the stairs, however, he paused, gaze slipping over his shoulder. Had his roommate eaten anything today? He'd heard the drow return awhile ago, but wasn't sure what he'd been doing.

Elm bit his lip. Maybe he should attempt to repair things before they got worse; he didn't want to spend his time here at war with his roommate.

Steeling himself, Elm slowly walked over to the other boy's door, eyes drawn to the nameplate: Onyx.

It certainly suited him.

Cautiously, Elm tapped on the door, breath held as he waited for a reply. At first, there was only silence, but then the sound of footsteps broke it, and the door was flung open. The drow stood there, scowl in place, and white hair falling out of its braid.

"What the hell do you want?" he snarled, bright violet eyes piercing into him.

Elm gulped, fingers twisting in his shirt. He had to remain calm.

"I-I just wondered, um…i-if you've eaten…today?"

Onyx stared at him suspiciously. "Why?"

The elf shrugged, biting his lip. "W-well, if you hadn't…I'm about to go find the dining hall, so I thought…maybe…we could go, um…together?" Blue-green eyes landed on everything but the drow, wide enough to show the whites.

Onyx leaned against his doorframe, eyebrow raised.

"Why the fuck would I want to do that? Or did you already forget that I want to kill you?"

Elm flinched, barely stopping himself from taking a step back.

"I was hoping that we could…start over? I mean, we're going to be rooming together…a-and even if we aren't…friends…we could at least get along…right?"

Onyx snorted, long fingers tightening around his crossed arms.

"What if I don't want to get along?"

The elf could feel the beginnings of annoyance licking at his insides, mixing with the fear, and he fought to keep his countenance calm.

"I just thought it would be a good idea, but if you don't want to, fine," he replied, tone soft and hard.

He turned to leave, feet making no sound on the stairs as he hurried down them. It was only as Elm was slipping his feet into his shoes that he noticed a presence behind him. Narrowed eyes slid over one sharp shoulder, suspicious, but Onyx didn't say anything. Silently, they left the dorm, heading out into the school in search of the dining hall.

After a few minutes, however, it was obvious that they were lost.

"Maybe we should ask someone…?" Elm suggested tentatively, casting a quick glance at his roommate.

Onyx snorted, glowering at him. "Cuz there are so many people around."

Elm flushed, eyes flicking around the empty hallway. "Right."

Silence fell again as they continued down the corridor, listening carefully for voices. Elm's arms tightened around his torso, nerves frayed at being so close to a drow. He still wasn't sure if it had been a good idea to ask him along. Onyx was clearly on-edge, and that death threat had sounded pretty serious.

They continued walking, the tension thickening with each step until Elm thought he would scream…of course, that would completely go against his nature. Instead, he settled for twisting his hands together, eyes looking everywhere but at his roommate.

"God, would you stop that?!"

Elm jumped, shocked gaze flying to the drow who was glaring at him.


Onyx sneered, violet eyes burning into him.

"If you're so fucking scared of me, then why'd you ask me along?"

Elm walked faster, the sound of rain outside getting louder as they passed a large set of windows. "I'm not scared of you."

The breath left him as he found himself pressed against the wall, back and head throbbing from the impact. Wide blue-green eyes stared at Onyx in shock, mouth open to let out a harsh gasp. Onyx leaned in, hands grasping his roommate's biceps tightly, eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Not scared?"

There was no time for Elm to react before a mouth collided with his, hot and demanding. Teeth cut into soft flesh as a probing tongue forced its way past slack lips, dominating. Elm whimpered, pressing back into the wall, the kiss deepening and the taste of blood overpowering his senses. He could feel control over his emotions slipping as he fought the urge to panic and struggle, eyes squeezed shut against painfully frightened tears.

Just when he thought he'd pass out from the sensations forced onto him, Onyx pulled back and Elm sucked in air greedily, barely noticing the string of saliva between them or the blood dribbling down his chin. Onyx's mouth found his ear, and that harsh voice growled, "You're a goddamn liar."

Elm flinched at the words and the sudden bite that Onyx gave his lobe before pulling back and storming down the hallway. The elf remained against the wall, shaking fingers against bloody lips, and wide eyes staring out the stormy window before him.

Onyx was right.

He was terrified.

It was already Sunday, and Fang still had yet to see his roommate. He wasn't sure whether or not to be worried, since he didn't know the guy. It was probably something completely innocent, like a delayed flight. Maybe.

He glanced at the clock again before sighing, eyes dropping to the sketchbook in his lap. It was stupid to be worried about a guy he'd never even met.

The minutes continued to slip by, the rain outside getting louder. Fang's eyes slid to the large window beside him just in time to see a large bolt of lightning, followed quickly by a roll of thunder.

The storm was close.

Shuddering and stretching his cramped arms, he uncurled, setting aside his sketchbook as he stood up. His fingers were smudged with coal and he figured he should wash it off before touching anything…he often forgot to do that at home, much to his father's annoyance.

The only sink in the dorm was the upstairs bathroom, so that's where Fang headed, feet light on the steps. He managed to avoid touching anything before washing his hands, something he was getting better at. On the way back downstairs, however, he let his hands skim over various spots almost unconsciously, feet rubbing every few stairs. A shiver ran through him as another bolt of lightning sliced the world outside, dazzling his right eye. Blinking revealed the afterimage.

Fang scrubbed a now clean hand over his face, heading for the couch, but froze at the sound of something outside the door. Lips pulling back, he spun around and fell into a crouch, ready to attack. One sharp eye tracked the turning of the doorknob, leg muscles tensing.


The door swung open, but Fang didn't attack; he was stunned. Standing before him was the most beautiful figure he'd ever seen. Pure white from head to toe, hair fell in a shining sheet to his slender waist, low-slung pants and lack of shirt revealing flawless skin. Pale, full lips were slightly parted, large eyes blinking slowly as they stared at the werewolf. But the thing that held Fang's attention the most was the wings. Huge and curving, they shimmered, light dancing across the glass-like surfaces, each looking like melting ice. They shone with an inner glow, making the faery seem even more beautiful.

Of course, none of this could disguise the strong sweet scent of alcohol surrounding the new arrival.

Fang's nose crinkled as he fought to stop staring at the other boy, torn between awe and irritation.

"Who are you?" he demanded, frowning warily.

The faery stepped further in, leaning back against the door to close it with a wide grin.

"Hello, puppy," he purred, voice smooth as silk.

Fang's eyebrows shot up in surprise. The faery knew what he was?

Pale bare feet brought him closer, steps surprisingly steady for the amount of alcohol he'd obviously consumed. Then again, faery biology was a lot different than that of werewolves, so it made sense that heavy drinking would have a different effect. Sort of.

"Are…you my roommate?" Fang asked, still not willing to completely drop his defences.

The faery grinned, revealing slightly sharp teeth. "That I am."

Fang relaxed somewhat, happy to know it wasn't some random guy wandering in to kill him.

Well. He still wasn't sure about the last part.

Nonetheless, he offered a smile, sharp eye tracing the faery's delicate face.

"I'm Fang."

His roommate continued forward, hips swaying with each step, and pale, pale gaze fixed on the werewolf's. "I'm Lua."

Fang wanted to move back, uncomfortable with the lessening distance between them, but that would be a sign of submission…something the werewolf wasn't willing to give. Instead, he stayed in his spot, watching Lua carefully, trying to ignore the pounding of his heart.

It definitely wasn't fear coursing through him.

Lua continued forward until they were scant inches apart, long white fingers reaching out to brush against Fang's darker cheek. He flinched, eyes narrowed.

"What are you doing?" he demanded, nostrils flaring as the smell of alcohol flooded his senses.

"You think I'm sexy, don't you?" Lua murmured, pressing against the slightly shorter male.

Fang tried to move away, eyes wide. "W-what?"

Cool fingers slipped their way under his shirt, nails scraping against his ribs. Shivers danced down his spine, eyes briefly sliding shut. They flew open again when Fang felt lips press against his, followed quickly by the swipe of a tongue. Slivers of pale eyes peered at him, glowing with lust and inebriation. Trembling, Fang wrenched his head away, and snapped, "Get off of me."

Lua ignored him, nipping at his ear.

"You're so cute."

Fang pushed against his shoulders, gasping when a hand slid down the front of his pants, squeezing.

"Stop it," he growled, voice shaking.

Lua slowly massaged him with a grin.

"You want me."

Fang shook his head, the couch behind him supporting him as he shuddered, eyes falling shut. Fingers brushed against the lids, opening them again, where they were met by the brilliant countenance of the faery. Suddenly, Lua's beauty grew, waves of awe washing over Fang, who could only gape, transfixed. Goddess…he was breathtaking. Just like the moon.

When Lua leaned in for another kiss, Fang was only too happy to oblige, mouth opening under slight pressure, tongue twining with the faery's. His mouth was surprisingly sweet, lacking the sharp bitterness of regular alcohol. Fang moaned, hands sliding up his roommate's bare back, the skin smooth and warm against his calloused fingers. They stopped when they hit the base of Lua's wings, the appendages surprisingly soft and flexible, at complete odds with their appearance. Lua made a soft sound, catching Fang's lip between his sharp teeth as his fingers dug into the werewolf's hips. Enjoying this reaction, Fang stroked the shining wings again, revelling in the way they shimmered, like moonlit glass.

Lua moved to his neck, abusing the flesh as his hands worked at undoing Fang's pants. Still mesmerised by the faery, Fang didn't stop him, instead tilting his head to expose his throat as blood pounded through him.

"Oh, Goddess…" he moaned, voice breathless and low. His fingers twisted in Lua's silky white hair, tugging slightly as he nipped at his collarbone. All of his senses were flooded with Lua, his whole being dedicated solely to the faery. The only other time he felt like this was during the full moon.

Lua was just pushing the werewolf's jeans past his hips when he heard a knock at the door. Fang started, eyes flying open. The knock came again, urgent, and he shoved at Lua's shoulders. The faery, caught off-guard, stumbled back, confused annoyance on his face.

"What was that for?" he grumbled, lips plump and dark.

Fang blinked rapidly, shuddering as he felt his mind clear. Suddenly, he was looking at Lua in a different way, no longer transfixed by his appearance. He was still breathtakingly beautiful…but Fang wasn't ensnared by him.

What had happened…?

"Get out of your rooms!" shouted a frantic voice, interrupting his thoughts. "Just drop what you're doing and get out, there's been an accident, and we need everyone out of their rooms!"

"I don't want to leave," Lua whined, digging his fingernails into his arms. "Come on, sexy, I'm sure there's nothing wrong..."

Fang shook his head, heart racing with alarm. "No. Come on, get something on." He picked up his sweatshirt from the floor. "Take this, it's raining outside."
Lua tugged the sweatshirt over his head, scowling as his wings disappeared. It hid his form altogether, making him look far less dangerous. "Let's go so we can get back inside. Fuckers with their fucking...fucking accidents." He started for the door, weaving from side to side slightly.

Fang held the door open while Lua paraded through it. "Are you going to be okay?" he asked, eyebrows furrowed. He barely noticed the other occupants of Moonlight Hall rushing past him.

Lua nodded, just before he collided with the wall. "My head," he murmured, running his fingers through his hair.

"Come here," Fang grabbed the faery's wrist and wrenched him to his feet. "Do you always drink like this?" His skin felt hot, especially pressed so closely against Lua. He could feel a thin film of sweat prickling his skin.

Outside of the hall was chaos. People on all sides of him shoved against them, rushing for the exits. The frantic motion, the pounding of their feet made Fang feel claustrophobic. He made another attempt to drag Lua toward a nearby door.

"I am so graceful," Lua whispered, giggling. "Come on, sexy, you're so slow."

Fang shut his eyes and sighed.

Outside, it poured rain. People squished together in the sprawling quad, drenched and huddled together. A tall woman Fang didn't recognize was floating in the air, amplified voice cutting through the rain.

"Everyone stay calm!" she shouted, short grey hair plastered to her forehead. "Please, everyone, there is nothing to worry about!"

At that moment, a booming crash resounded through the wet air as a significant chunk of one of the school's towers burst into flames. A pillar of black, choking smoke raced towards the sky, spreading up until it mingled with the rainclouds. Despite the continuous rain, the fire didn't waver, and the collective student body began to shout and shove.

"My dorm!" a boy with choppy black hair wailed.

Lua clung to Fang's arm. "Fire," he noted, tightening his grasp. "There's fire. So much of it."

Another burst of sound. Glass clattered from the second story, landing on the grass in shards. More shouting swelled up, and the formerly coherent group began to split apart, edging toward chaos.

Fang shook his head to clear it. Terror had been inching its way up his spine, culminating in his shoulders. "Lua, get away from me." He shoved the faery away from him.

Lua inched forward, refusing to leave him alone. "What, you afraid of the loud noises?" Another explosion went off and a wall collapsed, sending a shower of bricks down on the grass. Lua lurched, collapsing against Fang's chest. He peered up at his roommate through soaked strands of white hair. "I can feel you shaking, puppy."

"You don't look so hot yourself," Fang observed nervously. Beyond the challenging, fierce gaze, he could pick up fear in the faery's eyes. The quad was nearly abandoned by then, the students having run off in all directions. "Come on, we're going before everything else gets blown up."

Lua allowed Fang to lead him away from the collapsing tower, pale eyes narrowed over his shoulder. Fang's grip tightened on Lua's wrist at the sound of thunder. He felt the faery stumble, but didn't stop for more than a split second. He could feel his heart thundering in his chest as he spotted other baffled and scared students. The explosions had ceased, leaving in their place only the sound of rain and panicked voices.

He sat down on one of the benches at the edge of the quad, pulling Lua with him.

Lua clung to himself, head lowered, presence reduced to a limp body. " Goddess, I need a drink." He jerked his head up and moved to rise, but Fang had him quickly by the back of the sweater.

"Sit," he ordered. Fang thought he looked ridiculous: Lua's pale eyes were wide and disoriented, his hair plastered to his delicate body, and his hands were shaking. "Sit."

Lua scooted to the far end of the bench and tilted his head up to look at the sky.

Unsure of what else to say, Fang turned his attention to the moon, eyes sliding shut.