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Chapter Three: Building Friendships

Classes had been delayed for an indefinite period of time. The principal was hoping to have the damage from yesterday's explosions cleared up in a couple days, but it would be awhile before the destroyed dorms could be rebuilt. In the meantime, the students from those dorms were rooming in others.

This is how Elm and Onyx found themselves with two more roommates.

Onyx stared at the newcomers, narrowed eyes scanning them carefully. They were sitting on the couch across from him, one staring back with a lazy smirk and the other fidgeting restlessly as his bright pink eyes flicked around the room. Onyx was trying to place their species.

The first was obviously a half-human, his fox ears and tail setting him apart from a full were, as well as his unique colouring. The other was not so easy. His hair was cut into two layers, the top chin-length and pink-tipped emerald green, while the bottom navy layer fell to the middle of his slender back. The hair alone made him a likely candidate for a faery. However, he didn't seem to have any wings, instantly ruling that out.

Onyx's frown deepened.

"So, where's your roommate?" the fox asked, voice husky and smooth.

Onyx sneered, leaning back. "I don't know where that filthy elf is."

That caught the attention of the other boy, his pink gaze attaching to Onyx's in surprise.

"Your roommate's an elf? But…don't you hate each other?"

Onyx snorted. "That'd be an understatement." His head tilted to the side as he pushed all thoughts of his annoying roommate out of my head. "So, who are you two, anyway?"

The fox grinned, revealing sharp teeth. "I'm Ren, and this is my boyfriend, Aza."

The other boy blushed, the colour nearly matching the dark pink of his throat.

"Right. So, you're a fox and you're a…?" The pale blue gaze fell on Aza, whose fidgeting increased under Onyx's attention.

"Oh, ah, I'm a…hummingbird."

Onyx's eyebrow raised. "So you're a half-human, too, then?"

A mute nod.

Well, that solved that mystery.

Onyx nodded, yawning. "Okay."

They both looked slightly surprised at his response, but he wasn't sure which they'd expected to shock him: them being boyfriends or half-humans. He didn't care either way. The former expectation was probably a result of their relationship with the human race, while the second was due to the discrimination of the Darke. But seeing that Onyx was part of a race that had spent several centuries enslaved…well, it wasn't really much of a surprise that he didn't hold any racial grudges.

Except against the elves, of course.

"So, what's your name?"

Onyx's attention was drawn back to the half-humans in front of him, mainly to Ren.

"Oh. Onyx."

Ren's amber eyes swept up and down the Onyx's form, grin widening. "Suits you."

Onyx quirked an eyebrow, but made no comment. The sound of the door opening drew his attention, however, and he looked up to see his roommate. His dark face fell into a scowl, but inwardly he was smirking. The elf's lips were bruised and covered in small cuts, a firm reminder of what happened in the hall yesterday. Elm glanced up, eyes widening with interest upon seeing the half-humans, but he quickly looked away when he noticed Onyx's steady gaze on him. His satisfaction only grew as Elm practically ran upstairs. Good. The little whore had learned his place.

"Was that your roommate?" asked Aza, his sweet voice jerking Onyx out of his staring.

His eyes narrowed. "Yeah. That was him."

Aza's face was lifted, pink gaze fixed on the upstairs. "He's pretty. Are all elves that pretty?" Eyes going to Onyx, he noticed the scowl, and instantly blushed. "N-never mind." His fidgeting increased, although Onyx noticed the comforting hand his boyfriend slipped onto his thigh.

Onyx rolled his eyes, shoving shorter white hair out of his face. "Yeah, they are, but they're all cold bastards."

"Really? Looked pretty warm to me," drawled Ren, suggestive grin baring sharp teeth.

Onyx just raised his eyebrows in disbelief, before standing up. "Right. Well, I'm going to the library. Do whatever you want."

He didn't wait for a reply before treading to the door, not bothering to slip on shoes as he left the room.

The library was easy to find. After the long journey to find the cafeteria, Onyx had wandered around, tracking down every room that may be of importance to him. The library was at the top of this list. Unfortunately, because of yesterday's…incident, he was forced to take a longer, more complicated route. And although it was interesting, he was in no mood for sightseeing.

Finally, he managed to reach the library, climbing the wide marble staircase to its ornate doors. Silently, he slipped through them, padding into the large foyer, dominated by the massive check-out desk. Today it was manned by a tired-looking faery, a wide yawn revealing her sharp teeth. Onyx walked past her, heading for the stars that led to the top floor, a tight spiral set, hidden in a dark corner. His steps fell quietly as he swiftly climbed to the top, wandering into the looming shelves of books. Faerylights glowed around him, showing him his path. Not that he was searching for anything specific; he simply didn't want to be in his dorm any longer.

"Mm, harder…"

Onyx froze, head turning towards the moaning. He hadn't noticed it at first, but now he could hear two voices groaning and whispering.

He rolled his bright eyes. Classy.

He ventured further into the stacks, violet eyes vaguely tracing the spines of the books. Nothing caught his interest, so he kept walking. However, the more he walked, the louder the sounds got, finally punctuated by a loud gasp and groan.

Turning the corner, Onyx's eyes finally fell on two scantily clad boys, one pinning the other to a shelf. Apparently not noticing him, they parted, the more colourful faery straightening his clothes and quickly walking away. The other one – pure white from head to toe – sighed and yanked up his pants. As he stood up, his eyes fell on Onyx, widening slightly. A smirk curled his lips, replacing the surprise.

"Were you watching or something?"

Onyx sneered, eyes scanning the faery in disgust. "Of course not. I don't get off on that."

The pale faery sauntered forward with a seductive smile. "Oh?" His hands slid up the drow's chest, resting on his shoulders. "So what do you get off on?"

Onyx stepped back, eyes narrowed. "Don't touch me."

The faery rolled his eyes, crossing his arms. "Prude, eh? Should've known; you elves are all the same."

"I'm drow," he growled, shoulders stiffening.

The other male snorted. "Whatever. Same thing."

He looked surprised when he found himself on the floor with a bloody lip. Onyx stood above him, teeth bared in a snarl.

"We are not the fucking same thing."

The faery grinned broadly, head tilted to the side. "Oooh, right, I hit a nerve, didn't I?" He giggled, gracefully rising to his feet. "You should really learn to deal with that."

"Fuck you," he hissed, hands clenched into fists.

"Mm, gladly."

Growling, Onyx spun on his heel and stormed off. Somehow he wasn't surprised to hear footsteps behind him. Arms wrapped around his shoulders from behind.

"Aw, don't be mad. I'm sorry. My name's Lua."

The drow sighed, rolling his eyes. "Fuck, you're persistent."

"Mm, bored more like." Fingers trailed through Onyx's hair, tugging gently. "So, what's your name, pretty?"

"Onyx," he muttered, annoyance lacing his tone.

"Oh, I like it." He nails tapped along Onyx's collarbone. "Wanna go somewhere?"

One eyebrow shot up. "To have sex? No."

Lua giggled, shaking his head. "No…just to hang out. Y'know, get to know each other. I think we could be good friends."

"And why do you think that?"

Lua shrugged, leaning flush against Onyx's back. Onyx shivered as coolness seeped through his shirt. The other boy was surprisingly cold.

"Our skin looks pretty together," Lua murmured, entwining their fingers.

Onyx looked down, studying the pattern made by their hands. A small smirk quirked his dark lips.

"That's why you think we'd make good friends?"

"Why not?" replied Lua, sliding around to his side and looping an arm around his waist. "There are worst reasons."

After studying him for a bit longer, Onyx finally conceded, giving a short nod.

"Fine. We can hang out. Where do you want to go?"

A lazy grin spread across Lua's face. "Well, we could go back to my room…"


Glass pale eyes rolled. "Fine. Your room?"

Onyx grimaced. "Hell no."

Lua sighed, lithe body slouching against Onyx's side. "You're making this very difficult. I dunno…the lake? It isn't raining for once."

Onyx thought for a minute, trying to find anything that could be used to Lua's advantage. He came up with nothing.

"Fine. The lake."

Sharp teeth were revealed in a wide grin. "Follow me."

"Have you ever seen the mer before?"

Lua stared across the lake, watching the slender bodies moving through the water, crystal laughter floating to his and Onyx's spot on the opposite shore.

Tilting his head slightly, Onyx shrugged. "Not often. I didn't grow up near a lot of water."

"Oh, right, you drow are cave dwellers, aren't you?" Yawning, Lua leaned back on his hands, pale feet sliding through the water.

Violet eyes slipped to the side, dark lips pursing slightly.

"We live in forests, too," Onyx replied, voice gravelly with annoyance…not necessarily at the comment, but more at Lua's…well, everything about the faery seemed to annoy him.

Lua smirked, peering at Onyx through his pale hair. "Oh, right." He splashed his feet experimentally. "Do you know how to swim?"


His eyebrows shot up at that, clear eyes flicking to Onyx's face. "Seriously? I thought all elves could swim."

Onyx's teeth grit at that, his nails digging into the dirt beneath them. "I'm a drow."

Lua shrugged, sniffing. "Still an elf." Pulling his feet out of the water, he stood up in one graceful movement. "Do you want to learn?"

Onyx watched him, lips thin. "Learn what?"

Lua slid his long silky hair over his shoulder, reaching up to undo the ties of his top. "To swim. I can teach you." He slid his shirt off, revealing a pair of long slender wing ridges and a pale torso dotted with hickeys.

Onyx looked away. "No."

"Why not?" Pale fingers tugged at the ties of his dark pants as he glanced at the drow. "Swimming's pretty handy. And fun."

Onyx found his violet eyes drawn back to Lua's movements, watching as he shimmied out of the rest of his clothes, leaving them in a pile. He stretched his arms above his head, translucent skin shifting over his bones. He glanced down at Onyx, grinning.

"Well, I'm going in. Call me if you change your mind." Dashing forward, Lua dove into the dark lake, body a perfect arc before disappearing into the cool water. Onyx flinched as a bit splashed on his legs. A sharp laugh rent the air as Lua resurfaced, delicate hands shoving back his soaked white hair. He shot a grin at Onyx, revealing his sharp teeth. "You look bored, just sitting there. I promise it's more fun in here."

Onyx scowled, resting his arms on top of his raised knees. "I'm fine. So just shut up and go back to paddling around."

Lua rolled his eyes, slender arms stretched out to the sides along the surface of the water. He licked his lips. "You gotta get over your fear sometime. There are a lot of water-users here." His sharp gaze slipped to the side, fixing on Onyx's taut face. "What happens if one of them sends you a flood? We practise battle magic here, you know."

Onyx's scowl only deepened as he glared darkly at the rippling water. "I know that. I've handled myself this long."

Lua hummed, shooting him an unimpressed look as he manoeuvred onto his back, floating easily on the surface of the lake. Onyx kept his eyes from straying past the faery's waist—barely.

After awhile, Lua seemed to get bored and twisted around, slipping under the water. Frowning, Onyx tried to track him to no avail. The water was far too dark for that.

He wasn't expecting the wave of water to suddenly hit him, or the naked body that suddenly had him pinned to the ground. A sheet of white hair hung around him, a grinning face inches from his. Still shocked from the sudden soaking, Onyx just lay there, staring up at him. Lua took the opportunity to lean in and steal a kiss before sitting up, straddling his waist. Whistles and catcalls came from the other side of the lake, where the mer were watching them. Stiffening, Onyx sat up and shoved Lua backwards, already shivering. The drow were not good with water. Lua lay where he'd landed, legs spread obscenely. Onyx quickly looked away.

"What the hell?!"

"You looked warm."

Growling, Onyx got to his feet and shoved his wet hair back. "Fuck you."

Getting to his feet, Onyx started stalking away, but was stopped by a hand latching onto his arm. He shook it off, turning to glare at Lua, who was biting his lip.

"Don't go. I'm sorry."

Onyx looked at him suspiciously, but finally gave in when Lua appeared to be truly apologetic. He sighed, turning around. "Fine. Just…don't do that again."

Lua's eyes narrowed in amusement. "I won't. Now, c'mon." Bending over, he grabbed his clothes, not bothering to dry off before pulling them back on. Grinning, he once more grabbed Onyx and started pulling him across the field.

Rolling his eyes, Onyx allowed himself to be dragged, finding himself vaguely curious about where they could be going.

It turned out that there were hot springs underneath the school. Onyx stopped on the threshold as Lua hurried forward, once again quickly divesting himself of clothing. The springs were contained in a cave-like network, only lit with glowing firestones. They cast an unearthly light on Lua who was slipping into the steaming water of one of the bigger pools. Groaning softly, he tilted his head back to peer at Onyx.

"Come on. You don't have to swim."

Frowning, Onyx slowly stepped forward, eyeing the hot water suspiciously. Well, it definitely didn't seem deep enough to make him have to swim.

And he was cold…

Sighing, he rolled his eyes. "Fine. I'll get in." He fixed a warning glare on Lua. "But don't you dare try to shove me under."

Lua smiled brightly, eyebrows raised in innocence. "Wouldn't dream of it."

Hesitating only briefly, Onyx finally pulled off his clothing and left it in a pile next to Lua's. Then he carefully stepped forward and slid into the hot pool. The first touch made him gasp, and he bit his lip as he lowered himself to sit on the ledge next to Lua. As he got used to it, he had to admit it wasn't that bad.

"See? Nice, isn't it?" Lua sighed, stretching his arms along the ledge behind them, long pale neck exposed. Onyx couldn't stop his eyes from tracing the line of his throat, down his chest…the rest was obscured by cloudy water. He looked away.

They sat in silence for awhile, just soaking in the steaming water. Onyx slowly relaxed, finally letting his eyes slide shut. Yes, this was nice.

He barely even noticed the fingers brushing the back of his neck. Eyes sliding half-open, he peered at Lua, watching as he slid closer and brushed his other hand across Onyx's bare chest. It didn't come as a surprise when he found the faery's lips pressed against his own, soft and gently coaxing. He allowed them to part his, welcoming a strong and persistent tongue. Lua lost no time strengthening the kiss and pulling even closer until he was nearly in Onyx's lap. Long fingers found their way into the loose braid, twisting and pulling. With a groan, Onyx reached back, bracing his hands on the ledge of the pool, and hefting himself up. Lua came with him, water splashing around there legs. As soon as Onyx was securely seated, Lua slung one long, slender leg on the other side of his and planted himself in his lap. Pale, hooded eyes met his before their mouths once more met, deep and aggressive. The tang of blood touched Onyx's tongue as Lua's sharp teeth caught his lip, but he didn't care. He merely skated his hands down Lua's back, dragging his fingers against the faery's wing ridges.

The effect was instantaneous. Lua gasped and arched against Onyx, arousal pressing against his stomach. Licking his lips, Onyx did it again, pleased when Lua moaned and shivered, the sparkle of his still mist-like wings dancing along the walls. It only took one more rub of the ridges caused them to solidify into their glasslike appearance. He tightened his arms around Onyx's neck, panting, eyes dark with want. Smirking, Onyx lowered his hands until they cradled Lua's ass, squeezing. He squirmed in Onyx's lap, hissing.

"Hurry up."

Raising one hand, Onyx shoved his fingers into Lua's mouth, where they were obediently sucked. Once he determined them sufficiently coated, Onyx spread Lua's cheeks and pressed them in, the muscle still loose enough from the faery's earlier tryst. Grinning widely, Onyx lifted Lua up, then suddenly lowered him down onto his erection. Lua's eyes widened as he gasped, nails digging into Onyx's back. Onyx groaned, eyes falling shut. So fucking tight. The fae's cocks were as slender as the rest of their bodies, and long…but the drow were known for their size. It was a strange sort of pride in a world fuelled by sex.

It was clear Lua had never been fucked by a drow.

Allowing him a brief moment adjust, Onyx thrust the rest of the way in, drawing a low moan. The pace was slow at first, Lua's hips rocking against Onyx's as he panted. But it quickly sped up, Onyx keeping his hold on the faery to lift him up and force him down again until he was groaning and gasping thing in another language. A sheen of sweat coated the both of them, both from the steam and their actions, and their bodies slid together with every movement.

But it wasn't enough. Growling, Onyx lifted Lua off and dropped him on the ledge. Surprised by the sudden loss of contact, Lua watched him with wide, hazy eyes. Water splashed as Onyx slid back into the pool, planting his feet on the bottom of the pool. Before Lua could question his actions, Onyx flipped him onto his stomach and dragged him back to shove his cock back in. Lua's body shuddered as he moaned loudly, fingers scrabbling for purchase on the rock ground. With this angle, Onyx was able thrust faster and harder, until Lua was only able to pant and cry out soundlessly. His teeth dug into his lip, little pearls of blood sliding down his white skin and hitting the floor. Onyx's nails dug into his hips, thrusts become faster and faster and faster…

Lua's whole body shuddered as he abruptly came, his cry echoing around the eerily lit cave. As his muscles clenched around him, Onyx groaned and came after just a few more shallow thrusts. For awhile, their exhausted pants were the only sound. Finally, Onyx loosened his hip and carefully pulled out, grimacing when he saw blood. Lua, however, didn't seem to care. Peering back at Onyx with hooded, glassy eyes, he pushed aside the hair hanging in his face.

"Guess you aren't a prude after all," he murmured, sharp teeth bared in a satisfied grin.

Onyx smirked, leaning against the ledge next to him.

No. He definitely wasn't.