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~ I'm A Sucker For Love Stories

Chapter One

Ciara looked out her window and down upon her little twin brothers, Jonathon and Michael, playing with their dog. She turned towards the door as she heard a small knock from beyond it.

" Come in!" She called to the caller.

It was her mother, Queen Jude.

" Oh, it's you." Ciara sighed.

" You don't sound so happy to see me darling." Persisted the Queen.

" Oh mother, do I have to go?" whined Ciara.

" As you are seventeen years of age and I believe that you should at least get a proper education before you fall into marriage."

" But in a boarding school, mummy, it'll be so far away from home!"

" You can't possible stay here darling, your governess has left and we cannot find anyone trustworthy."

" But mother, that's simply not cricket! I will be so far from my friends and family. Everybody!" she whimpered.

" Look, Honey, your father and I believe you will be excellently educated at Orlandly. It is one of the best schools in the country."

" Oh mummy please don't say that! I won't hear of it." Ciara clamped her hands over her ears as if she was three years old again.

" Oh Ciara stop it. You are going and that is final. I will not have you complaining any longer. Now, back to what I wanted to speak to you about: You have to remember, that you must not tell anyone you are a princess, it will just."

" Make more ease for our enemies to destroy the heir to the kingdom." Ciara said simply.

" Ciara, this is typical of you. Please don't make a mockery of me at the school." The Queen groaned.

" Mummy don't worry, all will be fine." Replied Ciara, putting her hand on her mothers' arm.

" I hope for your own benefit you are." She reminded her daughter.

" Oh mother, I wish you wouldn't fix me up with anyone."

" Oh dear, I try not to."

" Mother! You always do this! Does this mean you want me to find a suitable suitor?" stormed and annoyed Ciara.

The Queen just laughed.

" You have to bring him home first! Come on Ciara, you have to finish packing. My word is final. The coach will be here in two hours sharp on two o'clock." Her mother left and Ciara sat down on her bed. She looked around her room and out the window on her left. She would miss this place. She had figured that the school was in the country, but she could not stand the smell of manure. It still haunted her from the time when the family made a 'Royal Visit' to a small town in the North, where a cow tried to ram at her through the gate. Of course, she was scared! She had only been seven years old at the time. 'Get a grip on yourself', she thought to herself, 'this is ten years later, it won't be the same.' She grunted and threw her largest suitcase up onto her bed and started to put in the clothes that her maid had especially cleaned, ironed and folded for her.

Ciara spent the last minutes of her time in the grand, stately home with her elderly grandmother, Jennifer. Her grandmother was deaf but they had their own little signals to show what each other meant. Jennifer wished dearly that her daughter would change her mind, but Jude had gone through those same efforts at Ciara's age. It was what they had to do.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, a blue carriage pulled up beside the top steps of the castle. Her father's ancient driver, Gerald, who Ciara was actually quite fond of, drove it. They were to drive from London, to Middlesborough, and then up to Newcastle. It would take approximately two days, stopping off in Middlesborough for a night's rest.

Ciara said a tearful goodbye to her family, while her little brothers screamed for her not to leave. Ciara seated herself in the coach, alone, with a tartan blanket stretched over her knees. She had a pile of books from her own personal library to read on the way up the country. Among them were her favourite romances and her exuberant westerns. She had sneaked these from her fathers library after she had had a thirst for reading more than love stories, only two months after she had learned to read at the age of ten. This was quite early for girls of her era, as most were put to work in the factories or underground. Ciara was shocked and appalled by this fact and begged her father to differ. Nothing had come of it. Only a scalped bottom and flushed cheeks.

She stuck her head out the window as the rain started to pour, to wave to her family who were waving their hankies at her on the grey, stone steps. She turned to face forward. It was them that were sending her away. What were they upset about? She looked ahead at the track before them, through the passenger window. 'Never look back' she thought before turning to the pile of books beside her before picking one up and turning to the first page in the dim, afternoon light.