The Favorite
My sister is the favorite,
And gets whatever she wants.
While I put away the dishes,
She talks her way out of sweeping.
And she can,
She knows that if she
Says something to our parents,
They'll let her do whatever.
When I'm done putting away dishes,
My mom tells me to sweep,
Since my sister is sleeping.
My sister is older than me.
Is taking summer classes
So she can graduate.
And she can take a nap any time of the day,
But no, she takes it when it's time to work.
I do love my sister,
But I don't love
The difference in how we're treated.
She'll move to New York soon,
And live with her boyfriend.
And even though my parents will hate it,
She'll still be the favorite.
It's not like they deny it,
They know she is their favorite
And it kills me.
Both of my sisters had time to be the favorite,
But I haven't gotten my chance yet.
I'm still waiting.
Waiting until she makes a decision
They don't like
And they'll change their mind.
That's how it worked.
My other sister was so close to my mom
When she was younger.
But then she got a crappy boyfriend,
And she and my mom fought a lot.
My sister, the one who is the favorite,
Can talk her way out of anything.
And I'll never get a chance to be the favorite.
I cause trouble.
I decide to argue,
Instead of talking sweetly until I get my way.
I tell the truth about things,
Instead of being caring.
Its not that she's just my parent's favorite.
She's also my aunt's favorite.
It kills me.
She just has to do one thing,
Like do the dishes after dinner,
And she'll get praise.
I do the dishes all the time.
And I get told to put food away.
I wish I was the favorite,
Just for a little while,
So I could finally,
Be the favorite.
I'm the youngest,
And I don't even get that much attention.
Maybe I did when I was younger,
But I did stupid things that don't matter.
But if I get a B+ in a class
They'll say I did a good job,
But in their heads,
I know their thinking
That she would have gotten an A.
I miss being small,
And being more important than the favorite.
I was the baby,
And needed more attention.
But now I'm older,
And don't need that attention,
But I still want it.
Maybe I'll get to be the favorite,
Maybe someday