It's like when I talk no sound comes out
Because you just turn away
It makes me want to scream and shout
And lead me far astray
I talk, but no one listens
No one really cares
In my eye, the tear glistens
And no one even stares
To think that I had a voice at all
That is just absurd
Because when I stand and call
No one hears a word
Maybe it's because I don't matter
You make me feel so small
When you ignore, you make me sadder
Like I don't matter at all
But I'll forgive, like I always do
Even though you don't apologize
I know there's one in you
So I know you can't monopolize
The game that I play
Because when I leave
I came home sadder every day
So I won't grieve
Because what I say is never heard
I'll just cry my silent tears
Fly away like a bird

Obviously about being ignored. Everyone seems to not hear my voice lately,
so I wrote this. Hope you like! ... If you can hear me. LoL.