Myila. A Closer Look at the GOTU Characters

Moroni: ::walks up, and waves at everyone:: Hello, I am Moroni, and I shall
be teaching you about all of the GOTU characters. Just in case you are a
poor, ignorant, GOTU deprived soul. Today, our focus will be Myila, a
strong supporting character.
::A diagram of Myila appears::
Moroni: ::ahem:: This is Myila. Her most distinguishable characteristics is
her Pleasantly Plump-ness.
Myila: ::pops in:: Hey, it takes a LOT of talent to be pleasantly plump!
Moroni: ::glares at Myila until she leaves:: Her blue-streaked hair is also
noticeable. Her daemon is named Sashike. He has not settled. Her
personality is very sarcastic, and a tad bit cynical. ::pointed stare at
Andy: Waaaah! My characters! They do what I want! ::goes off on a rant,
throwing sleeping bags off of a cliff while screaming like an insane
Moroni: Anyways ::clears throat:: Now, we shall focus on weaponry, and her
style of fighting.
::A diagram of a longbow and a quiver of arrows appears::
Moroni: Once upon a time, Myila had a bow and some arrows. But, I
disappeared into oblivion
::a bow and arrows suddenly appears::
Moroni: ::sees them and points:: LOOK! OBLIVION!
Li-Chan: ::laughs head off::
Moroni: Anyways, she no longer does. I don't even think Andy mentioned it
in the book, even. ::shrug:: Oh well.
::The diagram of the bow and arrows disappears::
Moroni: Now, Myila much prefers to degrade the enemy to a point where their
ego is completely diminished. Lets take a look . . .
::cut to a clip of Myila and some Random Evil Dude::
Myila: Yo mama is soooo fat . . .
Random Evil Dude: ::charges at Myila, sword drawn::
::Cut back to Moroni who is talking to Li-Chan::
Moroni: How did we get this? ::points to diagram of Myila:: Neither of our
artists have drawn Myila.
Li-Chan: Beats the hell out of me.
Moroni: ::Shrug:: Oh well! Now, onward!
Li-Chan: We burn daylight!
Moroni: Would you tell us, Li-Chan, as the creator of Myila . . . How did
you get the idea for her?
Li-Chan: Well, You see, it was one day in March of 2003. No . . . May . . .
No . . . June . .
Moroni: ::sweatdrop:: Who cares. Just continue.
Li-Chan: Okay! And, it was about . . . 9:00 PM . . . No . . . AM . . . No
. . . 9:30 . . . .
Moroni: ::pushes Li-Chan out of the story:: Okay, that was enlightening.
::turns back to the "audience":: Now, a little background on Myila.
Moroni: ::sweatdrop:: Okay . . .
Andy: Ahem. Okay, so. You know how Myila has like, blue streaks in her
hair? Well, you see, I decided that- ::suddenly cuts off and sniffs the
air:: Is that . . . ::sniff:: Thin mints?
Moroni: Um . . .
Andy: IT IS! ::Runs off. Andy can be heard rustling around in the next
room. A loud AHAH! Reverberates around the room as Andy finds them::
Moroni: Okay, so much for that. Now. Family. Myila lives with her Childish
older brother, Confella, and her Grandpa lives a few miles away from her
Li-Chan: ::pops back in:: She lives up a tree!
Moroni: Oh, not this again . . .
Li-Chan: What?
Moroni: Nothing. Anyway. She now travels abroad, as she is a mage-in
training. In her spare time she lusts for Xantos, and throws darts at
pictures of Aliasa, her rival in love.
Myila: DO NOT! ::a random closet suddenly opens, revealing a drat board
and some rather "holy" pictures of Aliasa. Myila hurriedly stuffs them back
into the closet::
Moroni: ::sweatdrop:: Well, thank you all for joining us today. I sure hope
you learned something today. And, if you didn't, I'm not surprised. Bye
now! ::waves::
::Andy can be heard in the other room making her "Whee, I'm high on Thin
Mints!" sound::