(Sign Language)


'Writing and Mouthing'

Chapter two: I thought you might get jealous.

"What's wrong Kat?" Hunt asked. It was around three thirty in the morning and Katherine was poking him awake. Her green eyes glowed in the darkness of the night.

(I saw Lukas out on the deck.) She signed. Hunt raised his eyebrow. (He looked so calm and peaceful.) Her hands shook slightly. Hunt laughed and took Katherine's hands in his own.

"Calm down, Doll." He began. "Did you try to communicate?" Hunt was going about it like Katherine had found some alien.

(No. I went and stood not too far away from him. He looked over at me and I looked at him. Our eyes met and I started blushing so hard, Hunt. God, I've never acted like this before. What's wrong with me?)

"It could be love."


"How would I know? I haven't been awake for five minutes." Hunt laughed in a drowsy manner. Katherine frowned at the brunette.

(The least you could do is humor me.) She signed in a huffy manner. Hunt seemed to ponder that idea. He laughed softly at the thought.

"Why when I can get you so worked up with just a simple phrase?" He stopped when he heard Sheila move in the other room. His eyes met Katherine's. "Why didn't you tell her?"

(Andrew and Lukas don't get along I suppose. Sheila really likes Andrew so maybe if I let them be together without letting them see that I'm interested in Lukas then everyone can be happy.)

(I don't see how I'll be happy. I'll have to remember that you like Lukas and that no one else may know.) Hunt signed. He was afraid to wake Sheila so he reverted to his sign language. (And I'll have to put up with that Veronica girl.)

(You don't like her?)

(Sure, she is beautiful and really easy but I'm not interested in easy girls.)

(Just easy guys, huh?) Hunt smiled at the thought. Katherine's smile spread across her face as she watched Hunt let his desires dance about in his mind.

(Too bad Spike isn't easy.) Hunt pouted as he moved his hands in response to the comment made by his favorite girl. Katherine was the only girl that Hunt liked. Not just as a friend but something more. He was very protective and kind of used her to hide the fact that he was gay from others. Katherine knew that he was gay and knew that she was his shield. She was fine with that. Hunt was the closest thing she had ever had to a boyfriend. She was sure he had no interest in her sexually but she couldn't be too sure. He said things to her and grabbed her in ways that made her doubt that he was really gay.

(Am I attractive?) Katherine asked. She wanted someone to look at her the way Hunt looked at Spike. Hunt looked up at the barely clothed girl in front of him. His eyes went from her pretty face, to her chest, to her thighs. He smiled and looked away.

(Katherine, you are the most beautiful girl I've ever met. Both physically and personality wise, if I wasn't gay, well... you know what I would do.) He signed. Katherine smiled and lied down next to Hunt on the sofa. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close to him, while covering them both with the comforter he had stolen from a closet.

Katherine nuzzled closer to Hunt and felt a large lump. His eyes met hers and she scooted back. He laughed silently and pulled Katherine back into him. Katherine laughed the soundless laugh and grabbed a pillow and placed it in between them. Hunt laughed again.

"You expect me to think about Spike and not get a little hard?" He whispered. Katherine shook her head at the young man and situated herself so she didn't feel the protruding appendage. The pillow was not doing as good a job as she had hoped.

Katherine and Hunt walked upon the abandoned deck. It was six and the sun was just rising over the waves. Hunt hugged his best friend closer to him and she smiled at the gorgeous scene. Katherine's eyes flew to see Lukas and Spike turn the corner. She smiled and waved at Spike. He waved back and started to walk over. Hunt looked at Katherine and then to Spike.

"Hey Katherine." Spike said. Katherine smiled back and waved. "This is Lukas. He works on the ship too. He is lifeguard but he works with the security section of the ship's crew too." Spike explained.

"Hey." Lukas said, Katherine blushed and nodded at him. Hunt smiled with the tiny amount of communication. Katherine's gaze met Lukas'. They both searched the other's eyes trying to find something that would show who the other was deep down.

"So what are you guys doing up so early?" Hunt asked. He directed his attention to Spike more than anyone else. The fawn-haired man smiled and looked to Lukas who was still staring at Katherine.

"Training." He replied. "We just finished up. We were headed to get some breakfast. Want to join us?" Hunt nodded, as did Katherine. The four took off to the restaurant.

"This is definitely a step up from yesterday. I could hardly get you to say two words to me." Spike smiled.

"I was having an off day. You know how it is when you have someone on your mind and you can't stop worrying about them." Hunt wore a knowing look as his gaze fell upon Katherine. She smiled at him and he smiled back. She knew that Hunt was always worrying about her and her best interest. He was like her older brother, only nicer than any older brother she had ever heard of.

"Yeah. It wouldn't happen to be your girlfriend, would it?" Hunt asked hopefully. Spike either didn't notice the expectant tone or he didn't care to acknowledge it. Either way he answered in a casual manner that both lifted and crushed Hunt's spirits.




"Who then?" Hunt had become aggravated with Spike's simple answers. Spike smiled to himself. His eyes met Katherine's.

"No one that I know very well." He replied in an offhanded manner that made Katherine tilt her head in confusion. Hunt looked at Katherine. It was like he knew that she had a question.

(If you don't know her very well then why are you so worried?) Hunt chose not to use the feminine pronoun that Katherine had put in. No one noticed that Lukas was watching Katherine's hands very closely.

"She wants to know why you would care so much about someone you don't know." Hunt reiterated in a polite tone that he only used when he was trying not to get depressed or angry. Katherine had only heard him use that tone when he was deep in thought and Sheila had decided to take it upon herself to try and cheer him up. Katherine could imagine why he was so upset now. Although Katherine thought Lukas was handsome she didn't immediately jump on him like Hunt was trying to do to Spike. She didn't really have the 'feelings' that she was sure came with love. She was slightly more than merely attracted but she was sure that it wouldn't work. It was the memory of past boyfriends that made her skittish.

"Well, she's in something deep and doesn't realize it." Spike answered. Hunt's face fell for a moment but it was quickly replaced with a look of concern. A tall very handsome waiter came to the table. He smiled at Lukas. The wine-haired man didn't smile back he acted as if he didn't notice the look of affection.

"Can I get you something to drink?"

"She'll have a blue lagoon. I'll take the strawberry splash." Hunt said glancing at the menu. Lukas raised his eyebrow as he studied Hunt.

"The usual." Lukas and Spike said together. The waiter nodded and walked away. Spike smiled at Katherine. "So, you don't know how to swim?" He asked. Katherine blushed and nodded. Lukas frowned slightly.

"You're on a cruise and you can't swim?" Katherine nodded. Her cheeks grew even redder. Hunt smiled.

"We're teaching her how to though." Hunt interrupted. Spike nodded and continued to look over the menu. "So, what's good here?" Hunt asked.

"I'm partial to the mushroom omelet." Spike commented. Lukas leaned back in his chair, folded his arms, and closed his eyes. Katherine tilted her head in confusion and looked to her friend for a sign. He was busy starting a conversation with his love interest. She noticed a notepad and quickly took it in hand. She tapped Hunt's shoulder and motioned that she wanted to write something. Hunt smiled benignly, looked to Spike, the fawn haired man looked in his bag, and handed her a pen.

'You like being a lifeguard?' She wrote. Lukas looked at the pretty girl's writing. He nodded. 'How long have you been a lifeguard?'

"Not long."

'What kinds of things do you like?' She asked. Her hand twirled the pen around in a distracted manner as she waited for his reply.

"I like music, working out, swimming, the usual guy stuff. You?"

'I liked to talk but that's kind of out of the question now. I like painting. I get to express myself without words.' She wrote. She was embarrassed and suddenly wished that she didn't always wear her heart on her sleeve.

"You know sign language right?" She nodded. "You can still talk to people."

'Not everyone knows sign language. Sometimes, I don't want to have to talk through someone.' She wrote. She watched Lukas' eyes as they gave her writing the once-over. He looked up at her and nodded.

"You shouldn't have to." He said softly. Katherine smiled. The waiter returned with their drinks.

"Are you all ready to order?" He asked. Hunt looked to Katherine. She pointed to the Pancake Berry Frosty. Hunt laughed.

"How can you have a sweet tooth so early in the morning?" He smiled as Katherine blushed with his teasing. Hunt looked to the waiter. "She'll have the Pancake Berry Frosty and I'll take the Breakfast Special." With that the waiter walked off. "Hey he didn't take your orders."

"We already ordered. We're getting what we usually get." Spike said. Lukas sat back and closed his eyes. Hunt stood and walked off muttering something about how he would be right back. Katherine amused herself by doodling on the little notepad. Spike noticed and smiled. "What're ya drawing?" Katherine handed him the pad and he smiled as he noticed the little sketch of a very familiar boy. Spike motioned for the mute girl to give him the pen. She quickly relinquished the writing implement and tried to peek at what he was writing.

'I'm sure I can hook you up with him.' He wrote. Katherine stared at the note for a moment as she blushed. Spike winked at her and nodded to Lukas.

'Am I that obvious?' She jotted down. Spike smiled.

'Only as obvious as Hunt is.'

'You know about Hunt?'

'Of course.'

'You don't like him then?'

'I don't know how I feel. I've never really been attracted to anyone and the one time that I was I got really hurt. I really don't want to do something stupid just because some beautiful brown eyes meet mine.'

'Hunt's not like that.' Spike saw him walking back and he leaned over to Katherine. He whispered fervently at her.

"Don't tell him." Hunt sat back down and noticed the note that had been forgotten for the moment. His eyes glanced note, observing only the last line.

"I'm not like what?" He asked genuinely concerned as to why his favorite girl and his new love interest were discussing what he was like. His eyes met Katherine's and he could tell that something important had taken place while he was gone.

(Kat, what did you say about me?) Katherine's eyes flitted to meet Spike's. He looked slightly embarrassed with the situation at hand. Katherine smiled weakly at him.

(I was just telling him that you are one of my best friends and that you're not like other guys.) She signed quickly in a vain attempt to save herself and Spike. Hunt raised his eyebrow and continued to stare suspiciously at Katherine.

(Did he say anything about me?) He continued to stare hard at the voiceless girl but she could see the smile in his eyes. He was trying to not let on that he knew something was up.

(You can't say anything to him.) She said shaking her head slowly. Her face looked like she was denying any knowledge of anything. (He thinks you have beautiful brown eyes.) With that Hunt nodded, sat back, and sipped at his drink. Katherine met Spike's eyes and she winked at him. He smiled and took his own drink in hand. Lukas didn't move. Katherine wasn't sure if he was sleeping or something but if he was she didn't want to wake him.

"Don't worry. He's always like this. You couldn't imagine what I have to put up with to get a half decent conversation out of him." Spike whispered to the girl. Katherine looked at the wine haired man and she knew that he had been paying attention to everything that had gone on. Their food finally arrived.

"Wow, talk about a breakfast." Hunt remarked as he looked at Katherine's heap of pancakes. It was a stack of about six pancakes with four scoops of ice cream on the sides, around the base of the pancakes there was a foundation made of whipped cream, and sitting on top of the stack was a generous amount of strawberries and blueberries. Katherine smiled happily and removed a strawberry from the top of the stack and dipped it in the whipped cream. She held the berry out for Hunt to bite. He did so before starting on his own breakfast, which was two eggs over easy with sides of bacon, sausage, biscuits, and hash browns.

"I never even saw that on the menu." Spike said pouting. The mute smiled as she took a small amount of ice cream and ate it. Katherine looked at Hunt and waited patiently for the young man to notice her.

(Let Spike sit next to me.) He raised an eyebrow at her. (Please?) She gestured patiently. He sighed and got up.

"Katherine wants you to sit next to her." Spike smiled and happily took a seat next to Katherine. The girl offered some of her breakfast to Spike.

"I couldn't. You ordered it." Before Katherine could even write or sign anything Hunt stepped in.

"Like she could eat all that by herself anyway." Hunt laughed. Lukas looked at the girl he opened his mouth like he wanted to say something but thought better of it as he went back to his own meal.

Katherine shared her breakfast with Spike and they held a nice yes or no conversation. Lukas didn't seem to like Hunt as much as Spike liked Katherine. He seemed to be holding a grudge against the brunette. They held bits of conversation but beyond that neither of them seemed like they wanted to talk to the other. Katherine noticed and asked Hunt what was going on, he only shrugged at her.

"So, I heard that Frank somewhat fancies you, Katherine. Are you two going out?" Spike asked, trying to make conversation. The table had grown strangely quiet.

"Where'd you hear that?" Hunt immediately interjected before Katherine could even start to sign the intended question.

"Frank told us you two were going out. Though I didn't know who he was talking about at the time." Lukas said. It was the most he had said all morning.

"He said he met a really pretty brunette with gorgeous green eyes that actually listened to him." Spike smirked. "I don't think he knows that you're mute yet."

(Wouldn't surprise me. Even if I could talk I wouldn't have been able to get a word in edge wise.) She motioned quickly and rather grumpily. Lukas nodded slowly before Hunt could even reiterate the grumped grievance. He seemed to actually care about what the younger being had said, not that anyone noticed the attention he paid to her signs.

After breakfast, Hunt and Katherine headed off to their room to catch Sheila. Lukas and Spike sat at their table and finished eating. Spike sat in the silence and became agitated.

"What's wrong with you now?" He asked heatedly. Lukas looked up from his bacon and eggs. He shook his head.

"Nothing's wrong. But I was thinking maybe you should take care of Katherine." Lukas said just above a whisper. Spike frowned at his friend and moved next to him.

"What are you talking about? She likes you, you know?"

"I'm not very good at getting people to trust me. If we're going to take her then we need her to trust us. She likes you well enough. You take care of her."

"Oh no you don't." Spike objected immediately. He looked slightly angry with the fair-haired man. "We already decided who gets whom. You have her. She's easy enough to get along with."

"If you like her then you take her." Lukas said and made to stand up. Spike caught his arm and pulled him back into his chair. He opened his mouth to chastise the other man but Lukas was quick to interrupt. "It's not like this is how I wanted to spend my life. Traveling, never staying in any place for too long, and always hurting someone." With that statement said, he pulled his arm away from Spike and walked out onto the deck. Spike sat back and stared angrily at his plate.

"We made up our minds a long time ago. This is what we do and we do it no matter who gets hurt. There's no turning back now." He mumbled to the voices in his head.


"Katherine, come on today we stop off on one of the islands." Sheila shouted. Hunt smiled as he fiddled with his sunglasses. Before the brown haired man could react Katherine had his hand in hers and she was pulling him towards the stairs. "There's Andrew!" Sheila said as she waved to him. Unfortunately for Katherine, Frank was not far behind. He smiled at the voiceless girl, who smiled back merely out of politeness.

"So what are we doing today?" Frank asked. He put his arm around Katherine's shoulder. The mute froze and stared straight ahead trying not to let anyone notice her panicked state. No one did.

"We only have four hours till we have to board. Let's go hang out in one of the cafés for a while." Andrew suggested in a way that let everyone there know that that was what the group was doing. He had taken charge and no one else was going to challenge him, at the moment anyway

(Sounds like fun.) Katherine signed to Hunt unenthusiastically. He smiled at her and nodded to show that he knew exactly what she meant.

(I'll see if I can't sneak us away.) He signed back when Sheila wasn't looking at him. Katherine nodded. With Frank's arm still around her, she was forced into the city and into a small café. It was brightly lit and had a cheerful exotic ambiance. It made the tension that Katherine was feeling disappear.

"I heard that they have fishing trips. Some of the ship's crew will take you out to fish for marlins and other big fish. Do you know anything about it?" Andrew smiled with Sheila's question.

"Yeah, they usually have one of the more experienced of the ship's crew take out the fishing boat. They usually send a lifeguard or two out as well." Frank said before Andrew could. Katherine smiled as she managed to get Frank to take his arm off of her.

"Sounds like fun right?" Sheila asked Hunt and Katherine. The two looked at each other.

(What part of 'I'm afraid of water' don't people get?) She asked Hunt. He shrugged. They looked at Sheila and saw that she was hurt with the comment of her being so stupid. She started to pout.

"We don't have to go." Sheila whispered. Andrew looked at Katherine, then at Hunt, and finally at Sheila. He looked confused.

"What's wrong?"

"Katherine doesn't want to go." Sheila said.

"Why not?" Katherine put her head down on the table.

(I know it's kind of hard to listen to the mute girl but I'm afraid of water, people.) She signed as she sat up. Hunt smiled.

"She's afraid of water. Does this jog anyone else's memory?" Hunt asked. Frank frowned. Andrew sighed, as did Sheila.

"We just want to help her get over the fear."

"Putting her on a big boat in the water was bad enough. You guys can see how stressed out she is. So now you want to put her on an even smaller boat in the water. Are you all insane?" Hunt asked. Katherine stood up and Hunt was by her side.

(I love you Sheila but I'm not ready for this yet. Give me some time. I know that you really want to be with Andrew, I'm not going to stop you. But I don't want to go out with Frank. He's not the guy for me.) With that Katherine slid her arm in Hunt's and they both headed outside. Sheila watched them leave. She felt that she had missed something.

Katherine and Hunt decided that they wanted to go shopping while they were on the island. They stopped in a few stores. Katherine had tons of fun just trying things on and showing them to Hunt. After an hour spent trying things on Katherine decided that she really didn't like anything that she had tried on. She bought Hunt a speedo as a joke but he kept saying that he wouldn't wear it. She wanted to see if she could get him to do it.

"Want to get something to eat?" Hunt asked as they left the shop.

(I'm still stuffed from breakfast.) They both walked along the dock towards the boat. (Let's find Spike and Lukas.) She signed. Hunt nodded and they both went back to the ship.

"There they are. Let's sneak up on them." Hunt suggested. They hid behind some plants and were planning to jump out and scare the two young men.


Lukas stood right next to the planter. He thought he heard the plants move. He stared hard at them but he didn't see anything. He waited for Spike to finish talking to the front desk. Spike stepped over to the planter.

"Listen, they're in one of the sweets. I managed to get us one of the rooms next to them." Spike said. Lukas nodded. "You have to get her."

"Yeah, I know. You need to worry about her bodyguard. He'll try to stop us no doubt. She's important to them."

"Yeah, I can handle him. Where are they now?"

"They went with the idiot and the freckle face. I have a feeling that they'll be back before too long. Go check the kitchen for info. I'll talk to the cleaners." With that the two split up. Hunt looked at Katherine.

(What are they up to?) Katherine asked.

"I dunno. Let's head back to the room." Katherine nodded and allowed Hunt to help her out of the planter and back to the room. Once in the room Hunt went to the balcony and opened the door. He took a deep breath of the fresh sea air. Katherine lied on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. Hunt smiled at her and made his way over to the bed. He lied down and rested the back of his head on her stomach. Katherine stroked his hair in quiet contemplation.

"Kat, they're up to something." Katherine nodded even though Hunt was not watching her. "It can't be anything good." Katherine didn't nod her answer. She just continued to stroke Hunt's hair. "They spoke of a bodyguard and someone important." He trailed off. Katherine pushed Hunt from her. He moved his head to the pillows and stretched out slowly. Katherine moved and placed her head on his stomach. She reached for Hunt's hand and placed it on her head. The man smiled and gently caressed her hair. He thought of the girl as a china doll. He loved her dearly and did not know what he would do without her.

"Katherine. I think we should spy on them." He suggested. Katherine closed her eyes but didn't reply. "We must find out what they're planning. That means that we have to get close to them. Very close." He said. Katherine sat up and shook her head. "Why not?"

(They could be dangerous.) She signed. Hunt thought about it.

"You're right. But if we stay together than I'm sure there would be no problem." Hunt said. Katherine still looked worried. The man smiled. "Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you." Katherine frowned at him.

(I'm not worried about me. I know that you want to get close because you like Spike. Just promise me that you'll be careful.)

"No problem." He said wrapping his arms around the pretty girl. She smiled as his lips brushed against her cheek. She mouthed 'I love you so much Hunt' against his cheek. He smiled and laid them back on the bed. He didn't release her from his embrace. Instead they slipped into a serene nap.


Hunt woke when he felt the weight on the bed shift. He didn't open his eyes, he kept them shut and smiled as he felt that Katherine was still in his arms. He cuddled her closer to him and rubbed his forehead against hers. Katherine didn't move but the bed shifted again. Hunt's eyes opened in alarm. He looked over his shoulder at his blonde friend. Sheila smiled at him.

"You guys make such a cute couple. Why didn't you tell me?" The sound of Sheila's voice woke Katherine from her slumber. She looked at the blonde and jumped out of Hunt's arms and into Sheila's.

"What did you say about a cute couple?" Hunt asked. Sheila smiled.

"You two. Why didn't you just tell me that you guys were going out? I wouldn't have gotten Frank or Veronica involved." Hunt and Katherine looked at one another and they immediately had the same idea.

(We just recently got together, Sheila. We never really thought about it until now.) Katherine signed as quickly as he hands would move. Hunt smiled to himself. He found it all very amusing. Sheila smiled and looked to the young man.

"I really wished you guys had told me."

"I didn't want you to know I was banging your best friend. I thought you might get jealous." Hunt said as he kissed the bicep on his right arm. Katherine shot him a dirty look and threw her sandal at him. Sheila laughed.

"Don't worry I won't get jealous." She said as she raised her eyebrow and looked at him as if he were a huge joke. "If I wanted to I could take him away." Katherine moved in between them. She pretended to get angry with Sheila.

(Mine.) She signed. Sheila laughed. She nodded.

"Don't worry he's yours." She said. Katherine stuck her tongue out at her. "I don't swing that way darling." Katherine was embarrassed that she had stuck her tongue out. She pulled the appendage back into her mouth and scowled at her friend.

"So what time is it?" Hunt asked. Sheila looked at her watch.

"Six thirty something. Guys, Andy told me that the ship was having a Caribbean dance party kind of thing tonight. Want to go?" Katherine loved to dance. She nodded. Hunt smiled in an embarrassed kind of way. He had no rhythm. He had a hard time keeping up with everyone else when they clapped in unison; he was the only person that couldn't do it.

"I'll go if I don't have to dance." He laughed. Katherine smiled at him. It was decided at that point they would all go to the party. They all lied around and goofed off until the party started, which was at eight.

Katherine wore a long red and orange wrap and stole one of Hunt's button-up shirts. Sheila forced her to tie it up so that her stomach was bare. She wore her swimsuit under it. Hunt came out in a pair of jeans and a Hawaiian flowered shirt. Sheila wore a shorter wrap and had a smaller button-up shirt, which she left unbuttoned, and wore her swimsuit underneath. Once the three were ready the walked down to the party arm in arm in arm.

Katherine found it amusing how quickly Sheila took off to find Andrew. She tried to pull Hunt onto the dance floor but the young man was stronger than her and wouldn't allow her to pull him out into the sea of dancers. Which wasn't really a sea; there weren't a whole ton of people out there. Katherine shrugged off her friend's insecurity and found a table, she would have run out onto the dancefloor but Hunt insisted on getting her a drink.

"Hey Katherine." Spike said as he sat down. Katherine smiled at him. She wasn't going to let them know that she knew that they were doing something they weren't supposed to. Lukas sat down on the other side of Spike. "Why aren't you out there dancing?" Katherine started to sign her response but remembered that neither of the young men knew sign language. She found a napkin and grabbed a pen from her purse.

'Hunt doesn't dance and I really don't want to be out there dancing by myself.' That was a lie. Katherine didn't care about dancing alone that was no big deal. She wanted Lukas to ask her to dance but he didn't. Spike could sense that was what she wanted. He thought about leaving the two alone.

"I'm going to find Hunt. See if I can't trick him onto the dancefloor." He laughed. Katherine smiled at him as he left. She looked to Lukas and nodded her head toward the dancefloor. Lukas pretended that he didn't know what she was gesturing to. Katherine lost her, normally, timid disposition and took back the napkin.

'Do you want do dance?' Lukas stared at the napkin for a moment.

"I'm not any good." She shrugged as she stood up and took his hand. She, very gradually, got him onto the dance floor. It was a fast paced song that had a hard beat to catch. Lukas frowned at her when he realized that they were in the middle of the dancefloor. Katherine still held his hand as she started to dance. Lukas watched her dance for a moment and a light blush crossed his face. Katherine stopped dancing when she saw his embarrassed look. He shook away his embarrassment and started to dance with the girl. He really wasn't a bad dancer but he didn't keep up with the beat. Katherine placed her right hand on the left side of his hip and stopped him. She gently tapped the rhythm of the song on his hip with her fingers.

'Now move.' She mouthed slowly. He nodded and the two started to dance in one accord. Katherine left her hand on his hip and he didn't seem to mind. Before long Lukas got caught up in the music, so did Katherine. At the end of the song, Lukas dipped the pretty girl. Katherine had her hands on his shoulders. Lukas had a slight blush on his cheeks and the girl was not much better. She was much redder than her dance partner. Katherine gave him an embarrassed smile as he stood her back up. Neither of them noticed that Frank and Andrew were watching.

"This isn't good." Andrew whispered.

"That guy is trouble." Frank whispered back.


Ok, so Lukas and Spike appear to be a part of the group planning to kidnap Katherine. The mute girl is getting awful close to a so-called 'dangerous' man. Why? Find out on the next Yu Yu Hakusho! Er... I mean, Find out in the next chapter!