A/N: Not sure if this idea will work, but oh well. It was a bit of the spur of the moment thing. R&R and enjoy! (It also has elements of romance, horror, angst, drama, etc all in it so there is no main theme.) Read on!

The sky is limitless And so am I Tonight, so am I Seeing you through the darkness The longing to be close to you Imagining the way your body feels against mine Our hearts beating in perfect time Be limitless with me

Cassie read and reread the poem, finally squishing it into the bottom of her backpack. Good writing, but incredibly sappy. She had found it, lying on the ground this morning, and been curious. Whoever wrote this seemed like the type of person who wouldn't just leave their work lying around. They must be missing it. But, there was no way she could find out who it was. Cassie would just pretend that it was written for her, by her "secret admirer," in an attempt to win her heart. She smiled. Typical, sickening, hopeless romantic. That was what her English teacher last year had called her, accompanied by some scribbled notes about how Cassie often looked as though she was off in some other world; that she had potential, but failed to use it. That was arguably one of the most frustrating things about Cassie.

She lived in something of a fantasy world; not a children's world, mind you, but more of an imagination kind of world, where she didn't include any of the superficial people at her school or her nosy family. It was just Cassie and whoever else she psychically sent an invitation to. The strange thing was, Cassie hated the outdoors, however that was often where she ventured when she needed to just get away and dream. There was a nearby area with dark woods, that offered an entirely different experience. There, Cassie left her drunken, abusive parents behind, and went into a new world. She felt about five instead of fifteen when she did, and always wanted to puke at the thought of little happy land, but there wasn't much she could do about it. It was her only option, really. She couldn't bear to live her reality.

She decided not to walk home today, but to head over to the woods, and maybe write some poetry. What she had just read had really inspired her. She began twisting a lock of her hair in thought, saw it, and gave it a disgusted look. Cassie had always wanted long blonde hair, like Barbie's, and maybe a normal figure. Her body intimidated her, not to mention everyone else. At just barely fifteen, Cassie's body was so womanly and voluptuous, and her hair was a strange jet black. She felt too big, too curvy, and too gothic around people in general. So, she steered clear of them, making her something of a loner. It was okay, though. Cassie was the only person that Cassie needed.

She walked through the trees, pushing back dark branches, everything seeming black. Her hair was tangled in the sticks, and her feet were muddy. It was getting chilly. Cassie pulled her black sweater more tightly around her. Most people were afraid of these woods. It had been said to be infested with criminals on the run. It only intrigued Cassie. That seemed so exciting. She often secretly hoped to meet one. He could turn out to be the man who would take her away from all of this bullshit that was called daily life.

Finally, Cassie reached a rock to sit on and write. She pulled out her notebook and a pen, and took a spontaneous stab at it.

Take me with you Wherever you go Roam the lands And touch the mood Taste my body

No, the last line was much too to the point and separate from the rest of the poem. She bit her pen and kept on thinking, trying to come up with ideas. All at once, she heard a rustle in the bushes, and turned quickly. Cassie saw nothing. She wasn't really scared, just curious. She stood up and walked towards the noise. It seemed to be moving further and further away from her. Cassie started moving faster, trying to keep up.

Whoever or whatever it was took a strange route. Through all of the mud, and jumping across the little streams that ran through the rocks. Cassie sprinted until she was breathless, still no sign of the perpetrator of that noise. She paused in front of a small, abandoned shed to catch her breath, and suddenly, thought she saw a man walk in. She had to see this.

Cassie walked quietly into the shed, pulling open the rusty door. No one ever came in here. Everything was totally dusty and had fallen apart. The wallpaper was ripped, and furniture was knocked over. Cassie coughed, and headed into the next room. She screamed when she saw him.

He jumped, running towards Cassie, his dark eyes crazy. "You won't tell anyone I'm here!" He yelled, "Anyone!" Cassie nodded furiously, terrified.

"No," She replied, "Of course not." Cassie tried to stay calm. She had thought she would have been glad to meet one of these infamous criminals. But it just made her uneasy. Cassie took a good look at the man- he had long, shoulder length brown hair, and looked like he was about twenty-five. He had definitely not shaved in weeks. And he stared at Cassie, his eyes blazing into hers. All he did was stare, and Cassie wanted to stay. Her gut told her to never leave-her gut told her that she had discovered something.